Guess What…Women Love Chest Hair (All The Reasons Why)


I typically write blog posts on places to go to find women, health & fitness, and even top notch casual dating tips. Today I’m doing something different. I’ll be sharing what I know about chest hair. Lol, yes you heard that right. As a man, it’s hard for many to figure out why many women love chest hair. There are some females out there that absolutely love it to no end!

Most guys prefer to be shaved and smooth, so it’s hard for us to understand why a woman would want to run her fingers tangled up in a bunch of man fur. I know, it sounds so damn creepy but let me finish first. There are quite a few things that women like about chest hair. I’m going to do my best to share the reasons why. Full disclosure, I got the scoop from one of my female friends, which is why I’m sharing it with you. If you think I’m a chest hair guru, then think again!

ladies love chest hair

Reasons Why Women Love Chest Hair So Much

Here are the main reasons why hairy men should feel fortunate to have it. I’ll keep this short and succinct as possible so that I can best cover all the main reasons. Let me kick things off by saying that chest hair has been a sign of masculinity for centuries. No bulls*** here, it’s 100% true and that’s the way that most women have felt for decades. Did you know that both sexes have a natural body scent that attracts a partner? Chest hair traps that scent and holds that smell that the ladies can’t resist. I bet you now wish you have chest hair if you don’t!

Let’s talk looking big now…This is a bit of a funny reason, but you’ll understand if you know that women like big muscles. If you don’t have the most developed muscles in your chest, hair can make you look bigger. I should also mention that many women prefer hair over a shaved or waxed chest. If you remove any hair, it should be from your back.

Now, there may come a time where you will decide to shave your chest hair. If you do decide to shave your chest, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it from getting itchy, patchy, or stubbly. If you wax, you are in for a lot of pain that you might not be prepared for.

Many Hollywood heartthrobs have a full, hairy chest that makes women swoon. Even women who don’t normally like hair, suddenly love it when they see it on someone like Tom Selleck, Sean Connery, Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Common, and many others.

Believe it or not, women love when they see a bit of hair popping out of the top of your shirt. It doesn’t have quite the impact of cleavage, but it’s closer than you think. Again, you don’t need to believe me, just trust me on this. If you decide to talk to some ladies online, be sure to show off your hair because it’ll turn them on big time!

If you’re all about playing games then this fact may serve well for you. You need to know that many women love following that treasure trail all the way down to where it leads and you’ll be ready to go by the time she gets there.

If you’re one of the many 50 Shades of Gray fan, then you’ll appreciate hearing this. Feeling a woman tugging on your chest hair during sex might be more satisfying than you realize. If she’s a little too rough, then it might be painful but nothing that you can’t handle.

Did you know that most men sporting hair on their chest do not concern themselves with what other people think. That holds true especially when it comes to his chest hair and that type of self-assuredness is very attractive to most women. It makes some women extremely horny!

guy showing his chest hair

See, you don’t have to be ashamed of your chest hair. Be proud of it. Your man fur, and the way you own it is attractive to a lot of women. A shaved chest might be more common these days, but there are still a lot of women out there who want to cuddle up to a furry chested man. Just remember. The allure of chest hair doesn’t always apply to the back. Get rid of all that back hair always.  It won’t do you any good unless you find some girl with a back hair fetish, lol.

Where Guys Go to Meet Nice Girls (That Are Horny & Willing)


Nice guys don’t always finish last. Believe it or not, there are a lot of singles out there who are not sexed up and striving to sow their wild oats with every sexual partner they can get their hands on. Many need a deeper connection before they have sex with a person. Girls like this don’t want a bad boy. They want someone who is nice and treats them well. They are looking for a relationship, rather than a hookup. Luckily, there are places you can go that will increase your chances of meeting one of these girls. Here are the best places that a nice guy can find a nice girl to well… be nice with.

Meet Nice Girls Here

Where To Go To Meet Nice Girls (Willing To Smash)

Here is a rundown of some places that you can go to meet nice girls that are horny. Believe it or not, they’re everywhere and in certain places that you wouldn’t even think to look. Here’s a rundown of the spots…

Community Events

Go to local community events and meet girls who live around you. If you belong to a church, church functions are a great place to meet nice girls with values. Mingle and smile a lot and you’ll find her in no time. I know you’re thinking that I’m crazy right now for saying that but trust me, it’s not a bad spot to hit. These girls need sex just as much as the rest.

Socializing With Friends

Simply staying active with friends and meeting mutual friends will help you find a nice girl. If you are a fun guy and carry yourself well, you will probably have some friends actively helping you meet nice girls they know. Socializing can get a bit awkward at times, so just remember to keep the awkwardness to a minimum.

Working Out

The gym will have a mixture of girls that are nice and ones that are not so nice. It’s all about being yourself and interacting with girls instead of trying to pick them up. You’ll probably make a friendly connection before it turns romantic. I’ll be brutally honest with you, picking up women at the gym is my favorite thing to do. Most of them are so nice and horny, getting them to bang is fool proof!

Coffee Shops or Healthy Juice Bars

These places have a mixture of girls as well. You can usually spot the nice girls by what they’re doing there. If she’s smacking gum and texting, she might not be for you. If she’s reading a novel or just relaxing, she has potential.

Bookstores or Local Public Libraries

A lot of nice girls love to read. You will often find them shopping for books for long periods of time, giving you plenty of time to make a connection. Libraries are good for the same reason, but some will be school girls.

Charity Gatherings

Another way to increase your chances of meeting a nice girl is volunteering and taking the time to do something selfless for the community. Well, doing it to meet girls might be a bit selfish, but at least you’re making a positive contribution.

Learn a Skill

Go to a local dance class, art class, creative writing class, book club, or something like that. Choose something you love to do and you will enjoy yourself while you look for a girl to connect with.

Walk For A Cause

Look for some type of walk or light run for charity. Choose something you can handle without passing out and have fun, meet new people, raise money for a good cause, and meet a nice girl in the process.

Pub Crawl

This might be my favorite one because it involves alcohol. Girls get horny and loose when they drink. Many of them will bang a stranger if they want it bad enough. Hit a local pub crawl and you’ll likely run into some local girl looking to meet people and get dicked!

That’s all I’ve got for you in terms of local places to meet nice girls if you want to hook up with them. Do yourself a favor and log onto the Uberhorny app while at these locations. It will definitely increase your chances of getting laid for sure!

How To Wear Cologne For Optimal Dating Success


This is a sensitive and smelly subject that I just must cover today. It’s one of these topics that stinks, but we can’t get away from it. Okay, I’m talking about cologne and yes, the puns will stop from here on out!

Have you ever been walking down the street and pass a guy with a strong smell that almost knocked you down? Not because of body odor, but because he got a little carried away with the cologne. I’ve got some simple advice for you there. Just don’t be that guy. Cologne is meant to be an accent to your natural smell. It’s not supposed to overpower everything around you and literally burn the damn nose hairs of everyone who comes within five feet of you.

If your friends were honest, they would tell you to cut back and learn how to use cologne the right way. Good new is that I’m going to tell you what to do and how to do it when it comes to this cologne nonsense. There are many things that women find attractive and a guy with too strong of a scent isn’t one of them!

Wearing Cologne 101 For Guys

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Cologne The Right Way

Cologne can do a lot for you if you apply it properly and use it in moderation. The scents of some colognes can trigger the senses of a potential bang buddy and give you an advantage in hooking up, especially when using dating websites like this one. Too much of any will only result in giving everyone the incentive to get as far away from you as possible.

The only thing worse than too much cologne is a mixture of multiple scents. Many guys have their regimen of dousing themselves with multiple products creating a pungent stench that reeks of trying too hard. Before you go overboard; check out this guide to putting it on the right way.

Less Is More

Always remember that it’s better to wear too little cologne than too much. If you feel the need to increase the amount of cologne you put on, do so a little at a time. It’s important to know that if your skin is oily, the scent will last longer. If your skin is dry, you may need to add more in the middle of the day, but don’t overapply.

Put Cologne On Directly After Showering

To get the purest and longest lasting smell out of your cologne, put it on after you get out of the shower. It will soak into your pores better to help it last longer.

Don’t Let It Get Stale

Don’t get attached to one specific type of scent, no matter how good it is. Change it up and find 2 or 3 more that you like. You can actually change things up with your mood, the weather, or the place you’re going. It makes more of a difference than one may think.

Think Before You Combine Scents

Before you decide on a fragrance, think about how it’s going to mix with your other man grooming products. It could clash with your deodorant or aftershave.

Better Nutrition For A Better Smell

Smelling good isn’t just about what men’s fragrance you put on. Eat nutritious foods and your natural smell will be better and mix with the scent for optimum results. Be sure not to eat anything spicy, vinegary, or garlicky before you go out.

Trust me when I say that the way you smell and the things that you do in terms of treating your body definitely matter a ton. It matters even more so if you’re looking to attract and make girls horny enough to want to bang. You don’t want to scare them away with your scent, do you?

How To Sext Your Way To Sexcess


Okay, so I’m sure you’ve heard some people try and tell you what to do when it comes to sending sext messages. Well, I’m here to set the record straight once and for all. Most people haven’t got a clue what they’re doing when it comes to this stuff. It takes lots of talent and a witty sense of humor. You’ve got to be quick on your feet or you’re bound to blow your chances of reaching peak “sex-cess!” I know, I sound like a tool, but it’s all part of the learning experience. I’m going to share everything that I know about sending sext messages in hopes of improving your sex life.

sext tips you must know!

How To Sext (The Rules To Do It The Way)

I’m going to kick things off here providing a full understanding of proper phone setup. If you’re using an iPhone, then you’ve got to get read of that read receipt for starters. You’ve also got to not start typing until you know what you’re going to say and respond with.

The three bubble iMessage waiting period is enough to ruin the entire conversation if replying takes too long. Here are a few things that you must understand if you’re sending sext messages in hopes of making someone horny enough to wanna smash.

#1 No Faces

The first thing you need to understand is that sext messages never include the use of a face shot. This is way too risky, especially if you’re passing genital shots back and forth. One minute you’re both getting off to each other’s privates, the next their sharing it with their friends and your face is on every social media site known to man. It a permanent thing, so don’t do it!

#2 Keep It In The Now

Sexting is all about “The now” and being in the moment. The second that you start sending photos of you months ago or somewhere else, you’ll totally blown it dude. Successful sext messages require you in the now and nothing more. I’m telling you that if you send that old photo of you last year ina bathing suit on vacation, you’re not going to turn anyone on.

3# Don’t Offer Dick Pics Unless Asked

If you’re getting your johnson hard to send over a nice dick pic and it wasn’t requested, then you’re doing it all wrong. Some girls hate these types of pics and they actually get grossed out about it. The idea of you being able to sext someone give them the ability to use their imagination is all part of the process.

#4 Bad English Isn’t Acceptable

When sexting with someone, be sure to keep things on the decriptive side and use proper English if possible. The short text language is a turn off for most and it can send mixed signals, like you’re not really into them.

#5 Have A Plan

You’ve got to have a plan in place if you want to succesfully sext someone and make them want to have sex with you. Going in blind and initiating a sext message can definitely backfire and have serious repurcussions. Be smart and have a plan.

#6 Use An App

If you want to protect yourself even more, then I suggest you use an app to communicate with them. It’s more secure, not directly tied to you and easier in general. I always suggest that people using this app here if they’re going to try anything at all.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you in terms of sending the perfect sext message to kick things off. Do it right and you’ll eventually get laid.

Alcohol and Hooking Up: Which Type Is Best For Banging?


How many times have you been out on a date and drinking? Probably dozens of times at the very least. It’s no mystery that alcohol makes us drop our inhibitions. Few things help you hook up more than throwing caution to the wind and forgetting about the things that inhibit us. As effective as alcohol is at making you horny, it’s equally effective at bringing sex to a halt when you drink too much. I know I’ve said this before but I’ve got to say it again.

It’s a proven fact that it may cause your performance in the bedroom to suffer. In fact, it can do much more than that. The worst-case scenario is getting sick or passing out. One or two drinks is usually enough to make you both start feeling frisky. Different types of drinks have a different effect on you. There is a strong correlation between how much you consume and the percentage of alcohol in the drinks. Here are 4 different types of alcohol and how effective or ineffective they are at getting you and your hookup partner in the mood. I will describe each type and explain how they affect your sex life.

Types of Alcohol and Effects on Casual Dating

Types of Alcohol And The Effects On Hooking Up

I love hitting the town for drinks with local girls. But I do it in the smartest manner possible. Find out everything you need to know when it comes to which type of booze to drink if you want to bang.


It tastes great, but you must be careful because it has a high concentration of alcohol that could hinder your performance in bed. Hence, the term “whiskey dick.” This is not an ideal type of alcohol to consume if you plan to have sex. Not only will it affect your performance if you consume too much of it, it will also give you a mean hangover and that is not going to be attractive the morning after. This could potentially hurt your chances of having sex with her again if it’s early in the relationship. Really, sometimes all you get is one shot at this type of stuff, especially when you meet using a casual dating app.


A much weaker drink than whiskey, but still not a great combination with sex. Your mouth tastes like beer and she has to tolerate the smell if she’s not drinking it too. You don’t want that obstacle if you want your sex to be as good as it can be. A couple of beers might help you loosen up, but any more than that, you get bloated and gassy and have to urinate a lot. Nothing worse than losing your chances because you’re running to the bathroom every five minutes. Meanwhile, she’s using her go-to casual dating sites and checking them on her phone to find another partner. All while you go drain the lizard in the restroom.


This carbonated alcoholic drink is one of the best drinks to have if you want to perform your best in the bedroom. It doesn’t have a smell that’s going to turn her off and she will likely be drinking it with you because most women like the taste of good champagne. You only have to drink three or four glasses, at the most, to get a good buzz going. This is the optimal amount to loosen you up without making you too sloppy drunk perform to your full potential.


This drink is synonymous with romance. It doesn’t take much to get a buzz and makes her feel frisky. There have actually been studies conducted that found that women were more aroused on red wine than any other drink. It also has a variety of smells that are known to stimulate her sexual mood.

When given the choice, I always opt for red wine because it’s healthy and it works quite well! Trust me, most of the women using Uberhorny drink wine. If they don’t then you’ve got plenty of other options out there.

Ways To Romance Your Way Into Getting Laid


If you want to get laid, sometimes you have to pull out the romance card and see where it takes you. It’s quite possible that many men neglect this type of stuff and they spend too much time doing things that aren’t going to improve their chances of hooking up. Some men tend to forget to be romantic after they have been in a relationship for a while or if they’re just looking to bang horny girls.

You don’t have to maintain the level of romance all the time, but you should do things that show that you care for someone, even if it’s just a physical affection of some sort. Here are a bunch of simple things you can do that will convince any girl that you like them. Remember, doing romantic things can often get you laid. So play it, smart buddy!

Top Romance Tips

Simple Things To Help Romance Her and Get You Laid

Don’t worry, you won’t be considered a complete tool if you do these things. Trust me, girls like guys that put forth the effort and some of them only date guys that are willing and able to do so.

Cook for her – Find a recipe, follow it closely, and cook her a nice meal. This gets her back to your place which makes hooking up that much easier. Just don’t cook anything too spicy. She’ll be running to the bathroom for the rest of the evening.

Carry her – That’s right, I said to carry her, lol. You want to turn a girl on, then carry her in your arms. Your best bet is to carry her into your bedroom after a nice meal and bottle of wine.

A full body massage – Give her a nice, long massage with no sexual pretense will do it. Trust me, she’ll end up getting uber horny if you do.

Talk about your feelings – No, I’m not telling you to talk about how you want to creampie her, lol. But seriously, opening up to her about your feelings is sure to melt her heart.

Offer to drive her somewhere – Take her somewhere, so she can enjoy doing something stress-free without having to deal with parking, traffic, and all that stuff. It gives you a chance to spend more time with her as well.

A grand romantic gesture – Take her on a Gondola ride or a carriage ride through the city. If this is the first hook up date then it might seem a bit awkward, but for a second or third date, it’s pretty much perfect!

Push her hair out of her face – This may seem like a small gesture, but it will melt her heart in a second. It shows that you want to see her beautiful face and the look on it when you feed her compliments.

Physical contact when you speak – Touch her hand or arm during conversations. Making physical contact is super important and it definitely helps you hookup more. Every time I have initiated some type of physical contact, it’s been proven to work quite well for me.

Send her sweet texts unexpectedly – Send her a heartfelt text without warning, just to show you’re thinking about her.

Don’t cut phone conversation short – If she’s in the mood to talk, talk. Long, late night phone conversations will strengthen your bond.

Dancing is always romantic and arousing – Dance with her when you have the opportunity. Whether it be at a club, restaurant, bar, concert or whatever.

Take notice of changes in her appearance – Take notice if she styled her hair differently or bought a new outfit. Girls love it when you notice the small things about them. It shows that you’ve got an interest in them and that you pay attention to things.

Discuss all the places you both want to go – Talk about the places both of you want to go and start making the effort to visit them one at a time.

Take her to a place she wants to go – Take her back to a spot significant to your history together.

Ask about her day (and listen to the answer) – Show interest in what she did that day and show that you are invested in her answer.

Remember and acknowledge things she likes – Be sure to pay attention to what makes her happy and show her that you know what that is.

Sure, some of these things sound so damn corny, but I can almost guarantee that many of them will help you get laid. Showing that you’re in tune and have romance down to a science can often prove to work quite well for you.

Best Summer Dating Ideas That Might Get You Laid


If you are casually dating, then you need to get creative with your dating ideas. Summer is the season that we typically feel the need to be more adventurous. Whether you’re in love or just using a local hookup app trying to get to know someone new, Summer brings adventures. Bust out your most comfortable shorts and your sun hat because I’ve got some summer dating ideas that will fill the warm days with fun and adventure.

summer dating ideas

Top Summer Dating Ideas To Try This Year

Here’s a rundown of some great summer dating ideas for you to test out over the next couple of months.

1. Outdoor bar – Do some Summer slugging by tossing back a few cold ones at the local outdoor bar. There’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation and this is something that almost every girl I know enjoys.

2. Get a taste of other cultures – Every city has a section with a high concentration of certain ethnicities like Chinatown or Koreatown. Witness the customs of other cultures, taste their food, and enjoy an immersive and interesting experience that is never boring.

3. Rent bikes on the beach – Most beach cities have a place where you can rent bikes and ride together along the beach, through town, or on bike trails. This is an opportunity to explore the area, get some exercise, and talk. Plus, you can jump in the water and cool off afterward.

4. Go horseback riding – This is a wonderful warm weather activity, but you shouldn’t do it in the sweltering heat, especially if you’re a beginner. You could get overheated. Early morning riding through gorgeous scenery and a brisk summer breeze is exhilarating.

5. Go paddle boarding – This is a beach activity that anyone can do. All you need is a paddle board and a beach. Paddle out together and see who can ride the waves the longest. This is another activity where you can have a blast and get exercise at the same time.

6. Outdoor drive-in movie – It seems like there are more of these popping up every year and, the more that pop up, the more choices you have for a movie. Watch Night of the Living Dead in a cemetery or Jaws in a giant pool. Check your local listings for interesting outdoor movie screenings in your area.

7. Dine on a rooftop – Most cities feature rooftop dining. Many rooftop restaurants are a bit on the expensive side but offer a breathtaking view. If you’re on a budget, you can experience rooftop dining by having a picnic on the roof of a business building or apartment complex.

8. Go for a drive – A scenic route is never too far away. Take a drive on a long stretch of highway or go to an event a few towns over and enjoy each other’s company with the wind in your hair.

9. Go camping – Going as a couple is a romantic adventure and plenty of alone time to enjoy each other’s company. Camping with friends is fun as well with plenty of alone time in your tent.

10. Waterpark – Get wet and stay cool at your local water park and have fun like you were a youngster again. Just don’t get your phone wet or your mobile dating will have to take a back seat in the interim as you get your phone fixed.

11. Go to a baseball game – If you live in a major city, then I definitely suggest hitting a baseball game. I”ve been able to impress local dates on many occasions by taking them to an MLB baseball game. Sure, it’s a bit on the pricey side but well worth the extra cost for the ticket and beers.

Those eleven dating tips should be enough to get you through the summer. Give one or two a try at a minimum and see what happens there.

Why I Avoid Meeting Facebook Girls (With No Exceptions)


I’ve been using Fbook for literally as long as I can remember. Facebook is something that everyone has and it seems like a no-brainer. You should be able to search your area, send a friend request to every hot girl you see, nd hook up with one or more of them. It is possible, but it’s also easier said than done. I’ve been avoiding meeting Facebook girls for years and I’m going to tell you exactly why I avoid them like the plague.

Facebook Girls

Facebook Girls And Why I Shy Away From Connecting With Them

If girls on Facebook are looking for a date, they will go to a dating site or a bar. They aren’t going to be interested in some random guy who sends them a friend request on social media. That is unless, of course, you are gorgeous. If you are an “Adonis” who is popular with the ladies, you will have no problem hooking up with girls on Facebook. The question is, if you are an attractive guy who is desired by women, why would you pick up women on social media? That’s right, you wouldn’t. Instead, you’d spend time socializing locally with smoking hot women in person trying to take them back to your house.

Sure, your social media can be just like a dating site, but it’s crucial that you have an amazing profile picture that ladies can’t deny. You can lose some weight, consistently exercise, buy some new clothes that are fashionable, and get your pictures professionally shot. The thing is…you can do all those things to better yourself and get more dates just about anywhere you go. You would no longer have to confine your exploits to Facebook. Not to mention, many of the Fbook girls are just tire kickers not actually looking to get laid by some random dude.

You could join pretty much any dating or hookup site and find many women in no time. You could even go out to the bar and have better luck. The point is; anything that you would need to do to hook up successfully on social media, you can do somewhere else and get better results.

Facebook is too much like high school. You have to spend too much time trying to maintain your popularity. Even if you become popular, there are not that many opportunities to turn that popularity into dates. Most of the women are not expecting to hook up with anyone. They come to check their news feed and click on a few of their friend’s pictures and leave. They brag about stupid shit and post pics of their dogs and that’s it. There are far too many other things distracting them and the last thing on their mind is going to be some random guy who contacted them via messenger.

I should also mention that you are also competing with every other creep who stalks Facebook girls. There are creepers looking to friend request every hot girl they can find and yes, they’re your competition. You categorize yourself in with those guys and she will think that you are just another one of the douchebags. At least on an adult dating site, everyone’s looking for a date. Therefore, the women won’t assume that you are a creep.

Learning To Take A Proper Dick Pic


Oh, today’s update is one for all those guys that love taking snapshots of their johnson aka willy, ding dong, root and whatever else you want to call it. One of the sometimes-disturbing trends that have risen out of modern technology is dick pics.

Texting has become our preferred way of communicating. We can easily and instantly send messages, pictures, and even video. I send each of those daily, especially when I’m logged into my Uberhorny app. The spike in text messaging aka sexting has prompted a lot of guys to cut to the chase, so to speak, and send a pic of their dick.

Many guys abuse the dick pic trend and either take them wrong or they send them to women who don’t want them. It frequently is ineffective and downright disastrous when done wrong. However, you can still be successful at it if you do it properly.

Here's How To Take A Dick Pic

How To Take A Dick Pic That Will Turn Her On

Now, I’m no expert photographer but I’ve gotten some nice feedback from many girls that I’ve shared my “jimmy” with via photo. Many of them wanted more than an image and they got what they deserved.

I’ll start by helping correct what you might be doing wrong first. Once I cover that, I’ll then go into what you should be doing. You’ll soon be a semi-pro dick pic photographer!

But first, you must first learn what not to do. Then you will better understand the right thing to do to turn a girl on with a penis pic.

Here’s What You Absolutely Must Refrain From Doing

Do not take a picture of your dick next to an object for scale. The purpose of a dick pic is not to show your size. Taking a picture with your dick next to an object to show its girth is tacky and immature.

Do not try to take the picture at an angle to make your dick look bigger. This is even worse than taking a picture of your dick next to an object. Trying to make your dick look bigger is desperate and sad.

Do not try to get too creative or complicated. She probably does not want to see an art piece with your dick as a focal point. If it looks like you spent too much time on it, you will look pretty lame.

Do not take a pic so close that your dick fills the frame. No one wants to receive a picture of a huge blob of skin and hair. Zoom out a little bit and make it look attractive. Unless it’s ugly as ever in which case you shouldn’t take it at all.

Do not send a dick pic unless you know she would appreciate it. This is probably the most important thing to avoid. Don’t send a dick pic to a girl you just met or to one you know is a little conservative. If her dating profile screams conservative tight ass (not physically), then you best run for the hills. Find some nasty horny girl to mingle with instead. She’ll freely accept any and all dong photos sent her way, ha!

Here’s What You Should Do

Leave your hands in the shot. This is the best way to show scale without looking desperate. Either hold your dick with your hand or leave it hovering somewhere in the shot.

Make sure the pic has decent lighting and background. It’s a struggle to take an attractive dick pic as it is. Make sure you have proper lighting to show skin color and a background free of clutter.

Zoom out so you can see more than just your dick. Include some of the rest of your body in your dick pic. Your dick simply does not look as good in a picture otherwise.

Make sure the timing is right. Send the dick pic when you and the girl are feeling playful and flirty and it should probably follow a particularly flirty conversation with dirty talk.

These tips should have horny girls messaging you back almost immediately if you’re well-endowed enough for them. That’s something that I can’t help you with. The rest is in your hands, literally!

Questions To Ask Girls To Arouse Them


Look, I’m gonna shoot it straight for you here today. The best way to get to know a girl is to ask her questions. It’s also the best way to bond with her on an emotional level and even on a sexual level. If you ask the right questions, you can turn her on without her realizing it.

Not all of us are smooth with the ladies or know exactly what to say to turn them on. These ten questions will give you all the tools you need to arouse a woman. The key is to get her to talk about herself and her desires. Before you know it, she’ll be giving you the eye and feeling uber horny like never before. The urge to have sex with you will soon follow and she won’t even know why…

questions to arouse a girl

Want To Arouse A Girls? Ask Them These Questions!

I’m not going to waste a single moment here. You need to pay close attention and start asking the right questions if you want to get anywhere today.

What are you passionate about? Getting her to talk about her passions is the best way to get her excited and get her invested in the conversation.

What would be your dream job? This will let you know a little about her goals and aspirations and will continue to excite her and make her want to hear about yours.

If you won the lottery, where is the first place that you would travel to? This question is to maintain the element of fun while making her think about going on an adventure. This is a great state of mind for arousal.

What is it about yourself that you like and dislike? This will help you bond with her and show her that you are interested in her faults as well as her strong points.

What’s your biggest accomplishment of the last year? This will let you know what her priorities are and what gets her excited. This helps you figure out which direction to go with your flirting based on how deep or shallow she is.

What are some things that you find funny? Some of these questions can get heavy depending on her responses. This question will get her smiling and have fun thoughts running through her head once again. Save it for when you need it.

What is the most embarrassed you have ever been? This is another question to keep the mood playful and get her to talk about herself. This is another question you can use if things get too heavy.

What is the thing that most attracts you to a man? This will take the conversation in a sexual direction and gets her to talking about her desires and she’ll think about what turns her on.

Do you have any secrets that you think I would find interesting? This will make her think about being naughty and she will bond with you in a fun way. This could turn into you trading fantasies with her.

What’s the wildest experience you have ever had? This is going to take the adventurous mood you created and take in a wilder and possibly more sexual direction. This may also let you know how naughty she is.

While some of these may seem a bit corny or even basic AF, I’m telling you they work like a charm. There is a reason why I’ve shared them with you. Neither you nor I have time to mess around here. Just ask questions and thank me later once you’ve gotten your jimmy wet. Good luck with all the horny women you start questioning!