Five Advantages Of Dating A Tall Girl


I typically don’t write about true dating and this post is more geared toward actual dating. Not just dating, but dating a tall girl. Let’s face it, tall girls are smoking hot and they turn heads.  Most models that you see in magazines are tall and thin, but they don’t represent most girls. Most girls are closer to 5 feet than they are 6 feet, so finding a tall girl to date is rarer than one might think. If you do end up dating a tall girl, you are one of the lucky ones. Below are five of the many advantages of dating a long and tall girl that’s looking for either sex, fun or better yet, both!

date a tall girl

5 Reasons Why Dating A Tall Girl Is Great

I’ll keep this pretty short (pun intended) and I suggest that you read it even if you hate dating and you just like to meet girl to fuck. even if all you care about is simply getting laid tonight, I still suggest that you read this. It may cause a shift in your thinking.

Tall girls seem less flighty – I’m not saying that all short girls are flighty, but many of them are. There are always exceptions but we are talking percentages here. There is a smaller amount of tall ladies and, from my experience, most of them are pretty grounded and don’t rattle on about mundane things or gossip. They seem to know what’s important or at least have a closer connection with what guys are interested in. They also take full advantage of any and all opportunities to have sex with someone. Likely because they just don’t get as many as short girls that give up their pussy like it’s on clearance during Christmas season.

Tall girls tend to make good buddies (I mean fuck buddies) – This advantage is a sort of extension of the last advantage. Tall girls seem to relate to guys more and share more of the same interests. When a girl is tall and towers over other girls, they tend to hang out with guys more because they aren’t considered one of the girls. Ladies often dislike having a friend that towers over them. They get the perception that she hogs up all the attention. I know, crazy but it’s true!

Tall girls make you look good – This one is simple. I don’t know about you but, when I see a guy walking down the street with a tall goddess, it automatically makes me think that this guy has got something going on. He’s the guy walking around with the hot model looking chick who makes everyone turn their heads and pay attention.

Her tall body makes her look hot in just about anything – Some of the sexiest and most fashionable outfits are made to fit a tall frame. She doesn’t need tall heels to elongate her body and make her look better. Clothes hang on her like they do on the models in the magazines and she can make a garbage bag look sexy.

Her body is a wonderland in the bedroom – And now we come to the biggest and most important advantage of dating a tall girl. Her body. You have not lived until you get a tall girl in bed. She will rock your world and you can climb her like a tree. You can spend hours exploring every inch of her body. Once you make her horny, it’s game on until she orgasms!

I’ve basically given you five incredible reasons why you should simply “go for it” when it comes to dating tall girls. Put aside your macho bullshit attitude and date a tall girl or at least try and fuck one. You won’t regret it.