Free2Cheat Review: The Only Person Cheated Is You!

I’m usually pretty quiet and reserved when it comes to sharing details about my sex life and dating experiences. However, this time I’m going to let some steam off. Reason being, I’ve been using the Free2Cheat website for about a week now and nothing has transpired from doing so. Even worse, I figured out exactly what this company does to scam so many innocent consumers time and time again. While you might be used to getting laid, I can tell you right now, it’s not going to happen should you decide to use this website. They want you to think it’s a free dating site with a lot to offer, but it’s the farthest thing from that. In fact, it’ll cost you lots of money, time, and trouble.

Free2cheat website

Free2Cheat Is Bad – Find Out Why Below…

Fear not, I’ve left nothing off of this review today. You need to know the truth about this nonsense and that’s what I intend on delivering to you today. I’ll start with dating scams in general…

Dating site scams on the internet are not surprising, and they often follow the same playbook. They try their best to get you to sign up for a paid membership, and then they try to keep you on the site for as long as possible. However, is one of the most egregious scams going.

They don’t even do a good job resembling an actual dating site, and advertise themselves more like a porn site. They promise access to a huge stash of adult videos and live cams, as well as an option to hook up with the women from the site. Anyone who does any basic research knows that dating sites do not like to fashion themselves as porn sites, and vice versa. The fact that this place is pretending to be both lets you know from the beginning that this is a scam.

They Want CC Cards

The end goal here is your credit card information. is so desperate for this information, that they will lie from the get-go to have access to it. They will advertise that you can sign up for a free account so you can check out their many features. However, once you try to sign up, there will be a page that asks you to input your credit card information to verify your age. This is an improper business practice and makes no sense if you want to set up a free account.

But their scam is not just to get that credit card info, but to sign you up to three separate sites that will hit you with recurring monthly fees. The site is owned and run by Nautell Capital Limited, a notorious parent company for scam sites like and The fact that they are so desperate to put the word free right into the website name just goes to show how low down and dirty these people are.

We Can All Agree That It’s Fake AF

With behavior such as this, it’s obvious that literally, everything on the site is fake. It starts right from the very beginning when you get a phony video message from a girl who’s pretending to be live chatting you. This is a prerecorded message and there is, in fact, no real person on the other side.

The girl will begin to take off her clothes, and before it gets too dirty, the video will automatically loop back to the beginning. If you try to message the girl or see more, you will be hit with the prompt that you need to upgrade your account.

No Getting Around It

You have to understand that the scam going on here stretches throughout the site. They have thousands of profiles that feature pictures that are stolen from all over the internet. No dating site would have such a wide variety of hot girls just constantly begging to meet you and talk to you. The messages you receive are from computer software that is designed to just lure you into thinking someone is on the other line.

Then they spam you with messages and emails constantly so you upgrade to a paid account. They get away with this because the scam is present right in the terms and conditions where they admit that the profiles are fake and used for promotion and that messages you receive may not be from a real person. You will never find a real person, let alone love, on this scam site. You should stay far away.

Conclusion: Free2Cheat Is Fake, Do Not Join

If you’re thinking about joining the website still then you might be an idiot. Seriously, there’s nothing good that comes from joining this site. The company behind it is a complete scam and they rope people in to get their money. There’s no other reason that they do this as it’s all for the money, period! Looking for some fun, then start over here and you will get lucky.