Reasons Not To Hire Escorts Ever


There are quite a few reasons why I absolutely never hire escorts to have sex with me. Sure, it’s obvious that I don’t need to hire them because I can fuck local girls I meet on Uberhorny, but there are many other reasons that I don’t hire girls to fuck me. I’m going to share every reason with you right now.

don't hire escorts

Main Reasons Why I Don’t Hire Escorts

These reasons are enough for you to never want to hire an escort. I promise that you’ll never ever spend a dime on hiring a local hooker after you find out what it can lead to.

Too Expensive
Escorts are way too expensive. They basically want all your money just for 30 minutes of pleasure. I’m telling you that in the past before joining this site, I must have spent $4,000 on local escorts thinking that I was getting a deal. I wasn’t getting any deal at all. Instead, I was getting screwed and was going broke paying for sex.

They Lie
Hookers and escorts lie. Horny girls that use local sex dating sites don’t lie. They have nothing to lie about. That said, I was given the run around by quite a few working girls in my day. They lie about the amount of money that you owe them and will try and swindle you out of as much as they possibly can.

They Don’t Give A Fuck
Escorts don’t give a fuck about you. All they care about is getting money and doing what is best for them. That said, they often blame things on the clients to work to their advantage and sometimes that can cause issues. I’ve spent a significant amount of time using dating sites and I can tell you that the quality of girls is much better than those working the corner in your local area.

They Are Dirty Drug Addicts
Most escorts are dirty as fuck and they are the biggest drug addicts on this planet. Having sex with an escort is a huge risk to your health. You’re much better off trying to hook up with a local girl that’s paying for a dating membership versus one that’s just looking for money to support a drug habit.

Legal Trouble
Hiring an escort is illegal in most states. On the other hand, using casual dating sites to meet people for sex is 100% completely legal. Paying for a dating membership is legal and there’s no harm in doing it. I now only use dating sites because I know that they can get me laid for less than $35.00 a month versus an escort that will cost hundreds, if not thousands for only one session. To top it off, you don’t want to get arrested for hiring an escort right?!?!?

These reasons alone should be plenty for you to not want to hire any escort ever. I suggest you stick to dating sites that are proven to help you meet people for sex instead.