Review: Swingers Date Club And My Experience Using The Site

If you’re using Uberhorny then you’re likely or I should say partially open to hooking up with swingers. There are a lot of users on the site that do nothing but search for swingers to connect with. Those same people might also use For those not familiar with the term, stands for Swingers Date Club and it’s a club that has been around for many years.

I, of course, did the unthinkable and decided to give the SDC network a shot. The main reason I did this was to be able to compare and contrast it to

While I did end up meeting a few swinger members, it certainly wasn’t the best experience in the world. However, it definitely wasn’t the worst! I’ll give you a quick recap of my experience using the site and everything that I learned in doing so. Review

My Review of Swingers Date Club aka SDC

The first thing you need to know about this site is that the user interface is a bit outdated. It looks like a typical old school dating site with a few tweaks here and there but that’s it. The site has been updated and revamped over the years about four times but that’s it really.

If you take a moment to read the homepage, you’ll notice that the signup is super simple. All they require are the basics e.g. username, email, password, location. That makes it pretty simple to join. The site is completely free to join too and they’ve been in business since 1999. The company that owns and operates this site is based out of the Netherlands.

Using The Site

If you decide to use this site, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not as advanced or fast as the new sites being created today but it works. The site is also super strict in terms of what they accept and don’t accept in terms of behavior.

Be sure to read all the information to learn everything about the site before joining and using the services. Searching to find someone to hook up with is fairly easy but it lacks some of the technology that uber horny and other mobile sex apps have.

As for my personal experience, you’ll be happy to know that I did meet a couple of people using this site. However, that only happened when I decided to upgrade my membership from free to paid status. The monthly membership cost me roughly $10 a month I think.

The best feature was the ability to attend swinger events. Aside from that, there’s no way I’d choose this over other sites I use. The reason being, that many of the other sites that I’ve been using have swinger members and it’s just as easy to connect with them.

Did I Bang Swingers? 

Truth is that I did not bang any local swingers using this site but I didn’t go out of my way to try and do so either. However, I was able to connect with locals that were interested in sharing their wives and girlfriends.

The only problem I had with that was they wanted me to allow them to watch. I’m all for getting kinky and even having a threesome but I’m not the type that likes to let someone sit in the corner and watch me bang their woman.

Sorry, I’m more of the traditional type of guy that just wants to have sex with the local dirty college girl down the street or maybe the desperately horny milf that needs some more action.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on

While I can’t completely bash this site because it kinda works, I can still say that it’s definitely not the best site for those looking for new-age technology and quick hookups.

I’ve spent years having sex with swingers and I seem to be able to easily connect with horny couples in plenty of other dating networks. I don’t need one that’s dedicated to only connecting me with swingers. I want more variety than that! SDC aka Swinger’s Date Club just isn’t for me.

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