Some Dating Rules That You Must Be Aware Of


When it comes to dating, I go a bit against the grain. I’m sure you’ve figured that out already. I don’t follow all the traditional rules of dating and I don’t believe that you should follow them either. What you have been hearing about dating might very well be completely wrong. Yes, you heard it. Today, I am going to build on some of the things that I’ve already shared with you on dating. I’m going to share ten things with you that you need to understand. They will help you get laid more and I can guarantee your life will be that much better as a result of simply digesting this info. Keep reading, because I’m about to drop some serious bombs!

dating rules you must know

Dating Rules You Must Be Aware Of

I know I sound like a shitty broken record but I want you to understand that when it comes to casual dating, it’s not all about looks. Sometimes, knowledge is power and that’s all you need to succeed. Here are ten things about dating that I learned which have helped me fuck more local horny women than ever before.

Approaching A Woman

Don’t just go and say hello to a woman that you like. It takes more than a simple half ass approach if you want to be successful and eventually fuck. Go and introduce yourself. Women like it when they are approached so make sure you do that and accompany it with a decent smile. Tell her what made you want to introduce yourself to her. Do not be shy. The worst thing she can do is say no to you, right?

Don’t Wait To Text Her Back

People say you shouldn’t text back a girl back right away. They say, wait at least 2 days to show some disinterest. I think it’s a terrible approach. If you like someone, then text them and let that person know that you care enough to put in the effort to text them.  Not texting her right away may get your call blocked or avoided at a later date.

No Love Letters

Try to go for emails or texts, not love letters. A handwritten love letter being sent to a girl you like is way too strong. Women love romantic men, but they can’t stand too much lovey, Dovey bullshit from people. Especially those that they are looking to connect with just for sex.

Nice Guys Can Win

It’s a misconception that nice guys can’t get pussy. I’m telling you that I’m a pretty nice guy and I’ve been able to score my share of naughty girls in my day. It’s not uncommon for girls to go for the nice guy online versus the bad boy. They feel safer about connecting with them. Don’t be afraid to show girls that you’re all about being nice and just casually hooking up from time to time.

Funny Is Good, But Not Everything

They say girls like someone who can make them laugh and yes this is true but do not go out of your way to be funny. If you’re planning on busting out some preplanned comedy act during your date, she’s not going to be turned on by that. You need to keep it natural and just go with the flow. Be spontaneously funny but that’s it.

Girls Like Guys Who Can Dance

They say girls like a guy who can dance but this is overrated. It’s not even close to being accurate. They especially do not like guys that try and dance funny or weird. It just makes you look like a douchebag. If you can dance well like a normal human being, then great. If not, then you need to leave the dancing for the experts.

First Date Movie

This has been there for eons by experts. They say a good movie should be your first date if you want to go out with someone, but I completely disagree with that. Dating today is extremely competitive, so take the edge and step forward. Do something different. Do not just go on a typical first date thinking you’re going to get pussy and all. I’ll be you won’t get laid taking that approach.

Avoid Cheesy Pickup Lines

There’s no problem with you trying to incorporate some pickup lines during a date, just don’t make a habit of it and definitely don’t go cheesy. You’d be a fool to take that route. Say something original or keep your fucking mouth shut. Girls aren’t impressed by cheeseball lines.

Buy Her A Drink

Some feel they must buy a girl a drink. My philosophy is to ask but don’t insist that you buy her a drink if you don’t want to. It’s an old dating rule and one that shouldn’t hold true today. I’ve gotten laid on many occasions when the girl paid the entire tab and fucked my brains out. It happened while in college. Maybe these college girls just love dick, I don’t know!

Be Mean

Don’t be mean to the girl you are meeting. Avoid expressing any sense of meanness. Even if there are unhappy or aren’t in a good mood, try to just be kind and avoid showing it.
There are some dating rules we have been listening to for years but, you might want to think about bending them from time to time.