Swingles.com Review Shows What I Personally Think About The Site

I have a confession to make, I’m a huge fan of meeting swingers online. Meeting a local swinging couple is about as common for me as having a cup of coffee. It’s just something that I do on a regular basis because I thoroughly enjoy it. Now, that being said, I come across lots of swinger sites such as Swingles.com and others. Today I’m here to share my thoughts and experiences using Swingles. There are so many casual dating sites out there that are just a complete waste of time. I hate to say it but Swingles is one of them.

swingles review

Joining Swingles Was A Huge Mistake – Here’s Why

I’ve been known to dabble and be adventurous time and time again. In this specific case, I joined Swingles.com thinking that it was the end all be all in terms of swinger meet and mingle sites. Well, I hate to say it but the site was a huge waste of time and money.

I’m sure you want to know specifically what things brought me to the conclusion that Swingles was a waste of time. Well, I’ll do my best to tell you. Here’s a rundown of everything I’m going to cover today.

Profile Data
Lack of Connections
Static Profiles
Images On The Web
Cookie Cutter

Okay, so without wasting much more of your time, I’ll go ahead and kick things off here. For starters, I’ll just come right out and say that this site is a complete waste of time. There aren’t many sites out there that I trash right away, so when I do so, you need to realize just how bad they really are. I’ll start with the profile data.

Your Profile Isn’t Yours

The main thing that I hate about the Swingles.com website is that your profile and all the data within is not really yours. The company has the right to do anything that they want to with your profile and personal information. You’re completely waiving your rights to this when you join the site.

What I mean by that is the Swingles.com website operators can change your profile anytime they want. They can also repurpose the information you’ve published on the website. Additionally, you’re assigning intellectual property rights to the website for anything you upload. Simply put, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Connections Aren’t There

The swinger dating connections just aren’t there on this site. I thought that Swingles.com would for sure come through and it just didn’t happen. Sure, there are plenty of profiles to search through in the member’s area but none of it matters unless it leads to a hookup. That being said, I simply didn’t see it deliver for me and create the connections that I expected.

Profiles Are Static On Homepage

I’m normally not picky about this but today I’m putting up a stink because I’ve got a hair across my ass. The profiles on this website on the index page are static. What I mean is that they do not change. They’ve hand selected a few profiles to use as marketing images. That’s a red flag because most great sites have images that rotate.

Web Based Images

Another huge red flag is the fact that these profiles on the marketing page can be found on many other sites on the Internet. What I mean by that is that there are many profiles on the site that are posted on adult related sites like Adultspace, Fantasti.cc, and Eroprofile.com. Want proof of this? See the image below.

swingles.com profiles

Super Cookie Cutter Doesn’t Cut It

When I see a “cookie cutter” style website in the swinger or even casual dating niche, I automatically know that the site is a complete waste of time. For example, the girl on the homepage is a stock photo that’s basically been selected to represent the swinger dating site. I just am not buying into it.

Conclusion: Swingles.com Isn’t An Ideal Dating Site

The truth of the matter is that Swingles.com just isn’t worth joining. There are far more superior swinger dating sites out there. In fact, I’m using one of these sites right now and you should be too. There are many other types of dating apps and sites out there that trump Swingles. Even Happn, which sucks, is more effective.