Adult Friend Rules I Live And Die By


I’ve got a few rules that I live and die by when it comes to taking on a new adult friend. While many of them out there don’t like my lifestyle, I’ve got some rules if you want to be friends with me.

In other words, I only hang with a few people and those that I do hang with need to abide by my rules. Sounds childish, I know but I promise it’s not at all. Instead, it just ups my chances of getting laid in a serious way. Here are the rules that I follow and I guess “live by” in a way when it comes to life in general.

Adult Friend Rules I Live By

My Personal Adult Friend Rules To Live By

Here are the rules that you should consider assuming that you’re going to live my way. I know that not everyone is like me and I’m not telling you that you should change if these rules don’t sound appealing to you. It’s just how I do things and for the reasons laid out below.

Don’t Drunk Dial (Especially Ex’s) – Rule 1

My first rule when it comes to any adult friend is that I will not drunk dial them. If I find myself getting that sloshed, then I tuck my phone away. The only way that I’ll ever communicate with anyone drunk is via a sex dating network. The reason I do that is to prevent any slip-ups from occurring. I don’t need to be hitting up a long time ex or anything of that nature. Doing that will make me look like a total asshole.

Friends Must Be Hot – Rule 2

I only want to be friends with you if you’re hot. Assuming that you’re attractive then that’s a good start. Now, the same goes for same-sex adult friends. I don’t like to hang around with dudes that chicks don’t think are good looking. Doing so only brings me down a notch and it certainly doesn’t help me get laid any quicker.

adult friend

Adult Friends Must Be Single – Rule 3

I am not trying to meet up with someone new that’s tied down. Uh oh, no way! I know where that leads to and typically it’s just me being the third wheel or being set up with some desperate ugly friend that needs a date. I don’t need a pity party or date, not when I have my favorite dating app.

No Cute Emoji Messaging – Rule 4

If we’re going to be bang buddies, then lets bang and keep it strictly at banging. I don’t need you sending me any heart emojis or anything of that nature. Honestly, if I could completely disable emojis entirely I would. In my world, adult friends hookup, they don’t send cute and cuddly emojis to one another.

Be Open To Booty Calls – Rule 5

While I don’t drunk dial, I will place the occasional Netflix and chill booty call at times. When this happens, I expect the person to be DTF assuming they don’t have too much going on. In the event that I place three booty calls and get passed up, our “adult friendship” is over. Sure we can be friends but we will not be banging anytime soon.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new adult friend to connect with, then you should think about using a casual sex network. That’s the best way to make things happen and connect with new friends.

The New Dating Rules of Today


Guess what? It’s a new year and new day and there are new rules to the game today. Gone are the days of basic matchmaking. Anyone that’s still practicing old school dating tactics is losing out big time. Those that have made shifts to the new age are far more likely to get some action in the bedroom. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything that’s changed or I’ll try my best to do so…

New Dating Rules of 2017

Simple New Dating Rules of Today

These are the most important new age dating rules to understand this year. If you want to get lucky today then you best think about these things…

Mobile Dating Today

It’s all about the mobile dating and nothing more really today. So many users have abandoned their desktop computers completely. Heck, some of the new age apps don’t even work on a desktop. Ain’t that something! If you’re not using the Uber horny app then you’re leaving plenty of horny members hanging. That’s all I’m saying.


Honestly, thank god this is in style because I love sending text messages to girls! It used to be known as dirty talking but that’s a thing of the past. Sending sext messages is the way to go these days.

Many Partners

In the good old days many people would date one person and call it a day. Those days are long gone. It’s officially acceptable for you to date multiple people these days. In the event that you don’t like that, then you need to join Christian Mingle or something, sorry.

Video Dating

People are going on virtual dates these days and they are doing it completely nude. Do not be afraid to connect with someone for a nude chat.

I remember way back when someone invented the VHS recorded intro for dating services. That was a big deal back in the day. Look how far we’ve come. It’s pretty incredible, to say the least!

Skipping Dinner

It’s perfectly normal today to skip dinner and dive right into drinks and sex. I’ve done this on multiple occasions and it seems like some women actually respect that you value their time enough to not take up too much of it. Sometimes I just give her the hotel room number and have her meet me upstairs. LOL, that’s acceptable AF today!

Well, that’s what this year has to offer for you today. If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them! In the meantime, I’m going to try and connect with some locals to smash tonight.

FWB Rules You Must Understand


I’ve already told you what FWB means so you should have a pretty good idea of what that encompasses. However, some people don’t follow the FWB rules. They can’t help themselves from being rebels and breaking the rules. However the more you break the rules, the less amount of time you will end up having sex with your friends with benefits. Just follow these rules (always).

fwb rules to follow

6 FWB Rules That You Must Always Follow

These six rules are the important FWB rules that you’ll ever come across. Pay very close attention to each one of them if you like getting laid.

Have Sex Every Single Time
Let’s assume you have a FWB relationship that you’ve established with someone. It’s important that you have sex with that person each time that you see them. You can’t go out for ice cream or invite them over to watch a movie and not have sex with them. In fact, if you do just that it’s going to cost you in the long run. Sex every time is super important because it sets boundaries and makes a statement that you’re really all about the sex and nothing else. That’s important.

No Sleep Overs
The next important rule never to break is the sleepover rule. Your FWB should never sleep over your house and you should never sleep over their house either. It’s always best to have a half night stand with your FWB at the very most. In fact, just fucking and leaving is completely acceptable and in fact, warranted. I highly suggest that you never sleep over her house.

Once Per Week Only
You don’t need to have sex with your “friend” more than once per week. BFs and GFs have sex a few times per week. Once you start banging on a more constant basis it becomes something more intimate and meaningful. I’d highly suggest that you only have sex with your FWB a maximum of one time per week. That’s all that you should do it. Anything more than that is going to bit you in your ass.

Avoid Cute Date Stuff
Don’t go out on dates with this person. You must remember that you’re not dating each other, you’re having mindless sex and that’s all that both of you should be looking for. If either one of you are looking to go on a romantic dinner date then you’re no longer going to be considered just friends with benefits. It’s nothing personal, I’m just saying that you want to keep things as emotionless as possible.

Don’t Hang During Holidays
Spend time during holidays with your own families. Do not hang out with one another. It’s perhaps that icing on the cake when it comes to getting closer with someone. Your family will start to wonder who this person is and it’s going to turn into a real relationship at some point.

Don’t Smother Her
Lastly, of the FWB rules, do not ever smother your FWB. Smothering is a surefire way to get someone to want to break up with you. I’ve seen it happen on many occasions. You fuck a girl that’s just a friend and you continue to ask her to bang and she gets pissed off because you don’t give her enough space. Next thing you know, she’s no longer fucking you and it’s over!