Houston Superbowl LI – Party Hookup Tips


I’ve been known to enjoy football and with the Superbowl just right around the corner, I’ve never been more excited. No, I’m not a Patriots fan really. In fact, the only thing I like about Tom Brady is his smoking hot wife! However, I absolutely love football and a Superbowl party is the perfect opportunity to hookup with someone. I’ll give you some insight as to how you can accomplish this task. It’s not as tough as it sounds.

superbowl party hookup tips

Superbowl LI Party Tips

Simple Superbowl Party Hookup Tips Proven To Work

What I’m about to share with you couldn’t possibly get any easier. This is, in fact, perfect timing for hooking up with someone. If you play your cards right, you might score a touchdown yourself that night. Find out what you need to do to make that happen!

Pre-Game Drinking

Start off with inviting people over early in the day to pre-game with you. The more drinking you get in while the game isn’t on, the better. During game time, people will be glued to their TVs and they won’t want to flirt with you. You’ve gotta prime them up for some action early.

Tells Friends To Tell Friends

I’m sure you know what friends with benefits is all about right? Well, if your friendsĀ invite their friends, then you might be able to make a strong connection with them.

Perhaps strong enough to establish an FWB relationship with one or two. This works and it’s always a good idea. The more people the better.

Have Plenty of Food

If people are drinking then you need to feed them. Once the booze and food disappear, people are going to want to leave. You absolutely want to avoid that, so stock your fridge accordingly.

Contests and Games

I personally always have games in play for this special day. It allows you to connect with people and communicate more.

Sometimes it’s even good to include a contest or two just be sure to keep it fun for all. Making girls mad because they lost isn’t going to get your dick wet, trust me.

Make It About The Event

Your job as the host is to make the party about the event and people at it. Don’t selfishly focus on the game. Instead, spend time hanging out with friends and new people and make sure they are comfortable. Hospitable hosts do get laid more.

Follow these simple rules and you are bound to get your trophy booty at the end of the night.