Do Girls Really Like Shy Guys (In General)?


Women in general are more attracted to men that are outgoing and open. However, that’s not to say the shy guy doesn’t have a chance of getting laid. Did you know that almost 50% of the individuals living in the United States are shy?

Most people have an insecure feeling that makes them feel intensely shy. You can do lots of things to meet women if you’re shy. It’s important to showcase your strengths more than anything. I’m going to help you figure this all out right now, but first, let’s answer the question…

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

Find Out If Girls Like Shy Guys

The answer to this question is simple…YES, girls like shy guys. Most girls may not admit that fact, but they really do. Did you know that girls who are typically attracted to outgoing men secretly like shy guys…

It’s possible that girls like shy guys because it’s more of a challenge to score them. Well, If you’re a guy, then I’m going to give you some tips to on how to connect with girls enough to possibly bang.

Make Eye Contact

If you want to attract a girl, then you must make eye contact with them. Once you do, hold the contact for a few seconds. In the event that she gives you facial recognition then you’re in luck. If you think she’s totally not interested, then you need to look away and forget about it.

Good Posture

Your posture matters, especially when you’re shy. Shy guys should always stand and sit with confidence. If you pose confidently, then there’s a good chance that you’ll feel more confident as a direct result. If you want better posture, then you should workout more.

Use Your Brain

Shy guys must use their brain if they want to connect with hot local girls. Thinkers make women think and that in itself seems to turn women on like never before. It’s rare that women meet men that are uber intelligent that use their brains. Today you need to show that you’ve got brains if you want to mack it with hot women, especially if you’re shy AF.

Ask Questions

Shy guys need to muscle up and ask questions to girls. Shy men that don’t ask questions aren’t going to get horny girls. Whether you’re extremely shy or just partially shy, you need to get up the courage to ask questions. Don’t be a creep but ask simple questions that help spark the conversation.

These are the basics that shy guys need to think about when attempting to meet women. Should you choose to not do any of them, then you’re going to hook up with less women. Simple as that really.