Reasons To Get Ripped Using Internet Dating Sites


I’ve already covered some information related to health, foods and your sex life. Today I’m going to dive into things a bit more. Specifically, I’m here to talk to you about getting ripped. There are a million articles all over the internet that outline strategies for getting dates on online dating sites, but few of them will tell you that you can bypass many of these sure-fire ways of hooking up online by simply having a ripped body.

If you have a ripped body, the world is your oyster, and that includes the world of internet dating. Trust me, I’m in decent shape these days since putting in a lot of time to get in shape. It’s done wonders for my success using my favorite dating site and I believe the combo is part of the reason why I’ve had so much success.

Reasons You Need To Get Ripped While Dating Online

Reasons You Need To Get Ripped If Actively Dating Online

I’m going to do my best to keep this as clear and concise as possible. In order to do so, I’ve decided to present all the information you need in a compartmentalized manner, starting with why you need to get ripped…

You will get more attention from girls – This is obvious. Guys with ripped bodies get automatic attention from girls. They can’t help it.
The attention works wonders for your self-esteem – The more girls notice you, the more confidence you will develop. The only thing more attractive than a ripped body is confidence.
Girls will make the first move – Many girls will begin to make the effort to talk to you first, instead of the other way around.
Closing the deal will become more effortless – You won’t have to work as hard to move through the stages of picking up a girl and you will get her in bed faster.
Your dating prowess will improve – All this attention and improved success with dating will give you practice and you will get better and better at it.


Here’s what you need to know about dieting if you want to get shredded in your midsection area.

Drink a lot of water – Drinking a lot of water will improve all your body functions, keep toxins out of your system, and make you less likely to get sick.
Nutrition is key – Cut out all sweets and avoid snacking. Eat plenty of vegetables and confine your meat eating to fish and lean meats.
Take vitamins and supplements – This will boost the effectiveness of diet and exercise and help you achieve and maintain overall health.
Eat smaller portions – Eat more meals in a day, but make them all much smaller than what you are used to. With smaller portions, you can increase your meals from 3 to 6 per day.

Exercise Your Body

Cardio – This type of exercise keeps your heart pumping, gives you energy, and makes your muscles lean and strong. I prefer to do cardio first thing in the morning. You too should do all your cardio early in the day and do muscle training later in the day (if possible).
Keep up the intensity – When working on both cardio and strength, go at it hard. Don’t over-exert yourself. Increase your effort slowly and pay attention to how much your body can take.
Exercise in the morning – It’s best to get most of your exercise done early, especially cardio. Exercising before you eat will maximize the results, burn fat, and give you more energy.

Exercise Your Mind

Concentration – Music helps keep you focused when exercising. Keeping your mind focused on the task at hand is crucial.
Meditation – This has many benefits on both your mind and body. It helps you stay relaxed and relieves stress. It will also help with concentration and motivation. 30 minutes of meditation a day will do wonders for your life in general.
Perseverance – Don’t stop. Keep driving forward. Each time you stop, it will be harder to get going again and negatively affect your mind and confidence in yourself.

Now, this will make you want to improve your physical well-being. I’m sure of it! There’s a good chance you might never bang as many girls as you could should you decide to not take any action.