Eight Things Girls Love About Sex


After spending the entire weekend having sex with two new girls (not a threesome), I think I want to share a few things. I was able to learn and understand a few things about girls and what they truly love about sex. Women love to indulge in the finer things in life. One of which is have mind-blowing orgasms beyond their control. Ladies absolutely love having sex with guys. Here are a few things that they truly love about sex.

Things Girls Love About Sex

Some Things Girls Love About Sex And Why!

Kissing / Make Out Fest
Girls love making out with guys and even other girls (at times). It’s the gasoline that keeps the sex engine running for some women. It can sometimes be the one thing that helps you hit a home run. However, it can also destroy the mood if you fuck it up. Learn how to french kiss like a pro if you want to fuck like one.

Nibble Nibble
Girls love light nibble action from time to time. It turns most girls on and makes their panties soaking wet. I use this tactic almost every time I am with a new sex date. It can make almost any girl horny enough to want to fuck. However, I must say that those who are ticklish may not like it so much!

Looking Into Her Eyes
Girls love guys that look into their eyes right before they go down to eat pussy. It can literally put a girl into a trance. Eye contact just before oral is the ultimate hotness.

Removing Clothes
Girls like when all guys undress themselves very slowly. Perhaps it’s the anticipation that gets them all worked up. I’m not sure what it is to be honest. All I can say is that it makes them hotter than they were when you were fully dressed.

Tons of Foreplay
Most women are obsessed with foreplay and it, in fact, might be one of the things that make them want to fuck more than ever before. Give a girl some foreplay and she’ll love your dick forever (especially if you can make her cum while doing so).

Seeing Guys Get Aroused
As men, we love seeing girls orgasm and get super horny. Most men like to see this I think. Now, let me say that it’s very common for women to enjoy watching me get aroused as well. This turns them on big time. The thought of knowing that you want to fuck them and are hard as a rock get women so turned on it’s unreal.

Some girls hate sweating but most love it (outside of the gym). In fact, most of the time, a girl will look at sweat and the act of sweating as a sign of exerting oneself. That said, when a guy is sweating trying to get a girl off, they think it’s hot as fuck!

Some girls love a deep hard pussy pounding. That goes especially for those that enjoy using dating app to hook up for sex. They just want to get their pussies pounded and once the pounding starts, it’s game time! Give it to her like never before because I can guarantee that’s what she’s going to want!

These are all the things that most women truly love about sex and why they’d do it daily if possible. What you need to understand is that having sex with someone (new or not) on a daily basis is very achievable.