How To Approach A Girl

Approaching a girl on Uberhorny isn’t incredibly difficult. But what I can say is that there are certain ways that I’ve found to lead to more successful initial conversations. I’ve made a simple list of some of things I suggest when trying to approach a female on any site.


Here Are Some Tips on How To Approach A Girl You Meet using Uberhorny

If you’re thinking any negative thoughts or you’re afraid, step one is to stop being so fearful. You don’t need to necessarily become fearless, but you certainly can’t be gutless. The best way to get over your fear of anything is to practice, practice some more and then do it all over again.  If you find yourself interested in starting a dialogue or if you want to physically meet someone, then you’ve got to get over everything…NO FEAR!

It’s also important to not be too anxious when approaching a girl. I’m telling you right now, if you seem anxious, nervous or afraid, unless she’s the dominant type, you’re going to find yourself having less success than you would if acting less anxious. If you don’t have any type of plan in place and you simply go for it, you’re going to regret how you did it! DON’T BE THIS GUY….

How To Approach A Girl


Start A Conversation With An Light Personal Compliment

I’ve had best success when approach girls on Uberhorny with a soft simple compliment. Remember, they’re horny but they’re still women and most women can still be reluctant to meet up with a stranger. A personal compliment keeps things light, friendly and flirty without being overly aggressive.

Act Secure

Women love men that are comfortable with themselves. Make sure you act secure and comfortable whether you’re on a first meet video chat before meeting at a local bar or whether you’re email a hot girl you want to hookup with. Coming across as a secure individual is an incredible turn on for women. I’ve successfully acted as secure as can be even when discussing topics I’ve been asked that I may not be comfortable discussing at all.

Be Polite and Act Interested In Her

You’ll have a whole lot more success if you approach a woman as a polite young man. Taking any other approach could fire back on you. If a girl wants you to be a bit less polite or even down right mean, she’ll show you signs that she’s looking for that type of relationship. You’re better off letting her decide that rather than deciding it yourself and running the chances of not getting laid. Lastly, focus on being 100% interested in her. Remember,  most people let down their guard and open up to you when you ask them personal questions or discuss things they may have more of an interest in. Keep this in mind when approaching a girl.

Basically, it boils down to three important things. Bring good energy into her life. Be friendly. Be interested in getting to know her. If you do all this, I can almost guarantee you’ll get laid. But before you do any of that, I’d suggest you find out what this site’s all about. Click here to read the full review that I wrote on this site and some of the key components that I just love!