Hookup Sites For Swingers


I’ve done a lot of “soul searching” and seeking over the years. In doing so, I’ve spent some time meeting swingers. Heck, I’ve even tried joining a bunch of swinger dating sites. You’ll notice if you search around my Uberhorny site that I’ve reviewed Swingular, Swapper, SDC, and more. I’ve tried way more swinger sites than that and to help others I want to share what’s best. If you’re looking to hook up with swingers, then this is the list you need…

best swingers dating sites

Best Hookup Sites & Apps For Swingers

Every relationship gets to a point where the sex needs to be spiced up. You just can’t spend your entire life having sex with just one person and not wanting more. It’s how all human beings are hardwired. We need to feel the excitement of having sex with multiple partners.

That’s where swinging comes in. Any couple can find another couple to enjoy a steamy affair with. There are plenty of hookup sites on the internet that help to get you in touch with other kinky couples who want to get it on with you and your partner:

Snap Sext – Awesome for sexting and swinging

Uber Horny – Simply the best network ever

MILF Play – Milf swinger network

Ashley Madison – Good network for finding cheating swingers

Fling – The most active swinger network on the Internet

Feeling a bit lost? Need more information on swingers in general? No problem here’s some information about swingers in general and everything you need to know about them.

What Are Swingers?

Swingers are actual couples who are exclusive to each other in all aspects of their relationship. That also includes sex. They may be having it with other people, but they’re doing it as a couple.

They can get together with other couples or with singles. It all depends on their specific desires. What doesn’t change is the fact that they’re always doing it as a couple and never behind each other’s backs. That’s a line that just can’t be crossed in a swinger relationship.

What Is Swinger Culture?

The swinger culture is a lifestyle that some couples can decide to become a part of. It’s a community of like-minded couples who all have sex with each other. Sometimes two couples can become exclusive with each other in their sex.

Other times, couples go back and forth within the larger group, and pretty much everyone has had sex with everyone else. It’s a way of living that isn’t for everyone but extremely fulfilling for the people who enjoy it. Lots of couples who try it out end up staying in the culture for good.

Hooking Up Is Moving Online

Just a few years ago, swinging happened at swingers’ clubs. These were bars where it was an unwritten rule that every couple inside it was looking to swing. Ideally, a couple would enter it and strike up a conversation with another couple. If things worked out well, things would end in the bedroom.

Now, these meetings are increasingly moving online. It makes a lot of sense. You never have to worry about misreading the situation. You know for sure that the couples you see are swingers and in the market for sex.

Is Swinging An Orgy?

Swinging and having an orgy are two very different things. Orgies are things that happen between whole groups of people. Some of these people can be couples, but it’s not a rule. Most people are single and just looking for group sex.

Swinging is something that happens between actual, committed couples. They’re couples before the sex and they’re couples after the sex. Orgies usually take place between strangers who never see each other again. Swinging often happens between couples who are also friends outside of the bedroom and who travel and have fun together.

Fetish And Swinging

The actual act of swinging doesn’t have to be the main draw of the sexual encounter. It’s very easy to find couples interested in having fetish sex with another couple. It doesn’t matter what that fetish happens to be.

It can be as involved as bondage or suspension. It can also be as simple as age difference or a shared foot fetish. Whatever it is that you love about sex can be enjoyed with another couple whenever you want. You just have to be in the right place when you start to look around for it.

What To Find On A Site

When you’re trying to find the site that you use to find your swinging partners, you want to look for a few things. One of the first things to look for is profiles with pictures of both the man and the woman in the relationship.

If you’re only seeing the man or the woman, you should prepare yourself for a letdown. There are a lot of single men and women who fantasize about having a three-way and pose as couples on swingers sites to find it. If you can see a lot of profiles with both sides of the couple, you can be sure that both the man and the woman are interested in swinging.

Start Swinging Now

If you fantasize about swinging with your partner, you don’t have any excuses to put it off anymore. There are plenty of ways for you to find it.

You can head online and see people in your area who want to swing with you and your partner. You can try it all out and see if it’s really for you. If it is, you can become part of a community that just loves what it does with you.