Swappernet Review: A Swinger Site That Just Might Deliver The Goods

I’ve been in a swinger dating mood over the last few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s just a fetish or something that I’m starting to fall for but it’s been a blast. That said, I’ve been trying out a lot of sites and one of them is none other than Swappernet.com.

There are so many swinging sites out there that promise to connect horny singles with even hornier couples that I often don’t know where to start. Most of the time I end up right back on my Uber Horny app and happy as a clam. However, I still feel the need to share my experiences with you, particularly the one with Swappernet.

For that reason alone, I’m going to cover everything that I can possibly get through today. It’s important that you know about this swinger network before you take action to join it.


My Swinging Experience on Swappernet.com

If you’re looking to connect with legit swingers in your area, then you might need to put forth some serious time and effort in order to make that happen. There are far too many networks which claim to be the best that doesn’t deliver at all. In fact, most of the sites today are totally bogus and they don’t deliver on what they promise.

Now, the good news for you is that Swappernet might actually be one of the good networks. Based on my research the site does have real users that join to meet local swingers. For that reason alone, I guess I’ll share my experience registering for the site and using it.

To kick things off with the registration process, this was pretty easy and not complicated at all. All you need to do is simply fill out the reg form which consists of a providing a few things such as gender, username, password, email, zip code and agreeing to the terms.

You then need to click the submit button and verify your account via your email address and then you’re signed up to use it. For those wondering, it’s partially free.

Some Of The Free Features

Here are some of the most attractive free features that many people like about Swappernet. All of the photos, as well as the videos, can be accessed if you have a free membership. This is more than what most offer and for that reason alone I commend them. However, if you want the full reign of the site content and user profiles, then you need to upgrade your account.

If you’re looking to use this and get lucky like never before with some swinger women that love sleeping with strange guys, then you need to complete your profile with effort. Putting forth the effort up front makes it much easier to get laid, trust me.

Paid Features

Like I said, there are paid features that you want to use. The upgrade isn’t that expensive as it costs $39.95 for a one-month membership to the site. You can also purchase the 3-month membership for $104.95 or a 6-month membership for $164.95.

Upgrading will give you full access to see all users private information, send and receive emails, upload and send sexy private pics to specific users and more. If you like chatting with horny couples via video then you can do that as well. Premium membership status is the bomb here, no doubt about that!

Is It The Best?

I hate to say it but although Swappernet.com is a good option, it definitely isn’t the best. Well, it’s not the best in terms of meeting swingers. I’ve been using sites like this and many others for years and nothing has yet to compare to this one right here. Sure, the free membership is enticing and you likely won’t be disappointed but you will have better luck if you choose to use other networks out there.

Review Update: Swappernet has officially closed its doors and it no longer offers memberships to new users. If you’re looking to meet swingers, then read my homepage and find out how to do so.

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