Dating Profiles Advice: Things To Stop Mentioning Now


There are certain things that I need to bring to your attention right away and that’s mentioning stupid things on your dating profiles. I give great dating profiles advice, so I’ve put together a list of different things that you need to stop mentioning immediately on your profiles. Take a moment to read this in its entirety.

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Dating Profile Advice To Stop Mentioning Certain Things

No one gives a shit whether or not you’re seriously looking for your Tinder Cinderella or so called, “Tinderalla.” Honestly, if you use this in your profile you’re going to look like an idiot. The women on these sites are not that gullible. Don’t even try it.

I’m Shy, Please Message Me
Avoid using the typical, you make the first move message. It screams laziness and already seems like you’re not willing to put in any work. If you can’t write a simple message, how the heck do you expect to get laid. Really?¬† You’ll never get a first date if you do that crap.

Serious Inquiries Only
I don’t even know what that means nor does anyone else reading your profile. If you’re looking for serious inquiries only then it sounds like you’re selling something. Unless you’re an escort, you better remove that from your profile immediately. You are online to hookup with someone. You are not conducting an interview here so really, cut the shit.

Just Moved Here
Stop telling everyone that you just moved to the city and that you’re looking for someone to help show you around the city. That’s bullshit and no one wants to be your personal tour guide. They want to bang. You’re not fooling anyone.

Why Did I Join This
If you have to put this on your dating profile in an attempt to look cool or attract others, you are not going to be successful doing so. No one knows why you joined this other than you so stop asking stupid questions.

I’m Looking For Fun
If you have to tell people that you’re looking for fun then I question your intelligence. We are all looking for fun online. Heck, the only reason we all joined a dating website was to have fun and get laid. If you have to literally write that then I bet you’ve never gotten laid online.

I Love Everything
Don’t write your profile as if you love everything in the world. It’s impossible and no one really cares what you love. They only care if you’re down to fuck. If you are, then just say it and leave it at that. Leave out your love for puppies, puzzles and pizza. Seriously.

Those are a few basic suggestions to consider when writing your profile. I strongly urge that you stop mentioning everything that I’ve covered here. Start taking this¬†advice I’m giving on dating profiles because it’s one of the most important parts of dating online.