BeNaughty Should Be Ashamed For Doing This (My Review)

Some days I complain a lot. I’m an honest enough guy to admit that. It’s often over something that that cost me money, shrunk my level of confidence or something else of that nature. Today, I’m not so much depressed but severely angered by what I just learned. The subject, none other than the BeNaughty network. If you’re the type of guy that I am, then you pour your heart and soul into dating. No, I’m not saying that I am out there looking for love. That would be totally crazy. Instead, I’m trying to find horny local women looking to meet and bang. It still requires discipline and dedication. Anyway, today I ended up getting really ticked off over everything I learned about the BeNaughty network. You’ll soon realize just how awful it is. Keep reading for the juicy details…

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Why BeNaughty Makes Me Cringe In Disgust

There’s no reason to beat around the bush here. BeNaughty not only spends all of their time trying to scam you.

There, I said it.

Though they state it in their terms of service, it’s still garbage if you ask me. It doesn’t take much to find out that they’re out to get your cash, nothing more. In fact, all you have to do is make a totally free profile and leave it alone. Don’t write anything about yourself and don’t upload any profile pictures. You’ll be able to see the scam within seconds. You’ll start to get instant messages from women all over the site who just want to get into your pants.
Based on my experiences…

They’ll check your profile, which you’ll get a notification about, and then they’ll email you constantly.

It shouldn’t take much thinking and logic to realize that asking women who can’t see what you look like or read about what you’re into, to beg you to talk to them is just too much. No, you’re not that hot and you’re not in that high of demand. Sorry, not sorry. This is especially true when they look the way that they do. Not a single girl that you see on this site is looking for company. Certainly, they are not hard up enough to ask someone they’ve never seen or talked to. The issue is that while other dating sites take the time to tell you that you’re going to be scammed, Benaughty pretty much lies to you about it.

Read the TOS

If you take a look at the terms of service, you’ll see that they admit to creating their own profiles, but according to them, they’re only there to check on their services. It’s a total load that should never be believed. They also say that they may occasionally send notifications to you, and this is where they actually start telling the truth. They make it clear that you may need to pay in order to see the content of a message and reply to it, which is exactly what they want out of you.

What They Really Want

They want you to go through the trouble and expense of upgrading your profile to see what all of these fake messages are about. It’s how they run their business and it’s the only source of income that they have. It works well enough that they’ve been in business for over a decade, and that unfortunately means that a lot of people have been scammed in that time. They’ve never come clean about what they do and they’ve certainly never changed their ways. They’ve always existed to trick you out of your money and that’s exactly what they do to everyone.

Conclusion: BeNaughty Is Bad, Stay Away!

Whenever you see women flocking to you and you don’t even have a profile picture, it’s a scam. You have to pay to respond to them and that’s exactly what they want. They’re not introducing you to the site and they’re not showing you how the features work. They’re giving you a present and making you open up your wallet before you can open up the box. It’s a common scam that gets run around the world, and does it no differently. It’s an operation and anyone unlucky enough to fall for it will realize it’s crap. They’ll get that especially when all of the messages suddenly stop after the upgrade.

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