Best Holiday Dating Steps That Lead To Sex


It’s Thanksgiving today and I spent a ton of time eating like a pig and watching football with my family. It was a pretty unproductive day today but I did take the time to try and put together this post to share my exact steps that I use in order to get laid during the holiday season. Holiday dating is one of the best things I look forward to during this time of the year. Now, these steps work best during the winter holiday season but for the most part they work between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Here’s what I do to get laid.

holiday dating

Login To A Site

Step one is to log into a dating site. I generally prefer to use one that I know I can get laid on. Something like Uberhorny or a couple other “go to” sites. Once I’m logged on, I typically start browsing for someone that is within 5 miles.


After I connect with a few users, I immediately begin to chat with them! I do so in a smooth operator type way though. I never go in for the home run right off the bat. In fact, I suggest using an approach that gives the impression of being almost just slightly interested in someone and steering far clear from being overly desperate. Just chat and get to a point where you get an accepted offer for a date.

Fireplace and Booze

fireplace and booze

You next step is to hit the liquor store and pick up a few bottles of booze or wine. Make sure you don’t go too crazy and go looking like a full blown drunk! But what you do want to do is look like you’re well prepared. After you hit the store for some booze, I’d then suggest going to the either find a place that has a fire place or if you have one, preparing to sit in front of it for some fun. Women love fire places because they are romantic. Even the local girl that just wants to fuck, wants to do it in front of the fireplace. Plus, I often use the fire place to make a girl horny because I know it works like a charm!

Be Prepared

Lastly, you need to be overly prepared for anything and I mean anything. Make sure you have condoms, lube and any other fun toys that you want to play with during your holiday hook up date. Another thing that you need to be ready for is a change of plans in the event that your date decides to throw an audible out there and mess with the planned events. You must be ready to not get upset and just let nature take its course.

Perfect Timing

Lastly, you’ve got to take timing into consideration. That means that you can’t wait until the very last minute if you want to get laid during the holiday season. Everyone is super busy and they need to plan, even for one night stands, you’ve got to take that into consideration. You’re best bet is to find someone to hook up with during a holiday weekend by starting on Monday.