CityXGuide Escort Site Review


If you’re out and about and looking for a hook up then you might be drawn to a site like CityXGuide. This is a site that’s had the Feds and local DEA all over it for years. This is a site that can and will get you into a lot of trouble. My advice would be to run like the wind away from this garbage. But first, read my review and learn what can happen if you stubbornly use the website.

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CityXGuide Sting & My Site Review

You’ve seen plenty of sites like it before. Sex providers advertise themselves and you book them for appointments. It might seem like it’s your best option for having a little bit of fun. The problem is that nothing is ever as good as it seems. If you use this site, you’re running a whole lot of risks. There are better ways for you to find someone for the night.

Lots of guys who use this site have come across a lot of problems. In fact, those problems can even include arrest. If you want to risk it, that’s up to you. You just might be better off trying to find a different kind of site that comes with a lot fewer problems.

The Women Don’t Match The Pictures

The women that use the site know that they need to look attractive to grab buyers. They put their best images on the site in the hopes that you see them and find them attractive enough to buy.

That comes with a lot of problems, though. As is often the case on the internet, it’s very easy to lie. Women will post pictures of themselves from when they were younger and thinner.

The person you see on the ad is not the one who shows up at your door. She may be so different that you have no desire to have sex with her. You’re kind of on the hook for it, though. Lots of the women will show up with pimps waiting in the wings. If you refuse to give her the money you agreed on, you can be in a lot of trouble.

Police Run Sting Operations

The next, and potentially bigger, problem is with the police. They know all about it and use it to arrest people all of the time. They run their sting operations and place fake ads all over the site. You see one that looks good and you respond to it.

You wait for the girl to show up only to be greeted by the police at your door. They have your entire conversation as evidence and will arrest you right away. You’ll have no option but to end up in jail and in front of a judge.

Conclusion: Don’t Use CityXGuide (Unless You Like Sting Operations)

There are just too many ways that you can run into trouble with CityXGuide. It shouldn’t be one of your options. You’re much more likely to end up arrested than you are to have fun.

Rather than risk it all, just use a casual dating site instead. They’re filled with available women who are willing to meet up right away. There are plenty to choose from and you’re not doing anything illegal. You’re simply meeting up with another person for a night of consensual fun. It’s your best bet – do it right here.