Do You Need A Dating Coach?


I recently read an article that was posted in the New York Post and it was about a guy that acts as a professional dating coach similar to the guy Will Smith plays in the comedy movie, “Hitch.” While I’m here to share my personal opinion only on hiring dating a dating coach, the question is whether or not it’s actually necessary to do so? I’ve got a few things to say about this.

dating coach

Photo Credit: Will Smith from Hitch

Do You Really Need A Dating Coach or Mentor?

First off, I want to start by saying I commend anyone who’s willing to help someone succeed. I hire people all the time to help me with things.

You know, people to handle my dry cleaning, fix my computer or do my taxes. I always hire for that type of stuff. But what about hiring someone to help me perfect my dating skills?

This guy Chris Manak is one of the many dating coaches out there that pride themselves on teaching people how out to date or be better partners.

I’m here to tell you that while I completely commend Chris and others that guide people in this area, I think it’s absolutely crazy that they charge thousands of dollars to do so!

Why Do I Feel This Way?

That question couldn’t be any easier to answer. Yes, I’m a firm believer in spending money to get laid. Just not in giving it to a dating coach.

Truth be told, I’m giving you all the information and insight you need in order to successfully meet and fuck uber horny women.

The only thing you should be spending money on is your dating site membership and maybe some drinks at the bar. Other than that, I’ve given you everything that you need to succeed.


So, instead of spending thousands per month getting advice from some guy that’s trying to teach you the ABC’s of dating, take advice from a guy that get’s laid almost daily and all for free.

In the end, you’ll be thanking me up and down for giving you this advice. Now get out there and find some local horny girls to bang this week!

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