Easysex.com Review: The Free Lifetime Access Scam I Uncovered


I’ve seen my share of websites over the years. Many of the dating networks that I’ve joined just do not deliver. I’m not sure if it’s that they care more about money versus consumers or if some of these sites just do not care at all about anything. Very few have been as successful as Uberhorny. One site that comes to mind that I’ll never recommend is Easysex. When I came across Easysex.com, I thought that it had huge potential. However, I quickly learned that this wasn’t the case at all. Having spent about two weeks analyzing and investigating the Easy Sex, I came to the conclusion that it was about as deceitful as they get.

Now, I don’t want you to sit here and just take my word for it. That would be foolish for you to do. Instead, you’ve got to check out the hard facts that I’ve shared below with you and millions of others within the online dating community. If you’re looking to join a casual sex network, this isn’t the one for you. Find out why in my personal review…

Easysex website review

My Easysex Network Review Exposes The Truth

I start by saying that I think it’s an absolute disgrace when any site uses fake profiles or virtual profiles within their member’s area. I do not care if a site is totally free if they incorporate profiles that are fake, then, in my opinion, the dating service is completely fake as well.

The reason that I bring this up is due to the fact that Easysex incorporates “Online Regents” within their member’s area. These are nothing more than virtual profiles scattered throughout the private network.

Let’s assume that you foolishly register for this site. When you do, you’ll end up seeing a bunch of profiles that have been named as “Online Regents.” When you attempt to communicate with these fake users, nothing ever comes of it. If you do, you’ll be literally communicating with 100% fake profiles that will never lead to you getting laid. The fake profiles are simply a part of the network to make the site look more abundant in members. The joke is on you though. Virtual members will never have sex with you, so it’s not as easy as it sounds I guess. The thing that really pisses me off about Easysex.com is that they share all this information within the terms and conditions page. No one reads that stuff, you and I both know it. I felt like I had been catfished once I joined this site.

Another thing that I was able to uncover while testing this site out was the fact that they send fake messages to users. The stupid “Online Regents” send fake email messages to real users in order to make it look like real females are sending the messages. The problem with this is that you cannot read or reply to the messages until you join and upgrade your membership status.

They just want a credit card, period. 

All they want is your credit card to bill your card over and over each month until you call and cancel. You need to be on the lookout for Easysex Online Regents that send photos, messages, enticing requests and more. They do this to keep you entertained and for no other reason at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some crazy computer algorithm out there that knew exactly what emails you open and what to follow up with and when. That’s how slick these guys are here.

The same goes for the chat messages. All those instant messages that you’ll be receiving are fake. What, you thought some girl thought your half ass profile was hot enough to reach out to meet you in person? I mean, come on, for goodness sake do not be a sheep, please! The chat instant messages are no different from the email marketing messages. Again, they get away with this because it’s posted in the site terms of use.

Now, this thing that I discovered about the EasySex site really pissed me off. It has to do with the marketing. When you join, you’ll quickly realize that they offer a $0.00 free lifetime membership opportunity. The site validates your credit card and they promise that you’ll have free access for life.

Well, you must have forgotten to read the small print! Once you join and submit your credit card information, they quickly enroll you into a VIP platinum status membership. Don’t get too excited because this is going to cost you a lot of money.

Unless you cancel within 24 hours of joining, your credit card is billed $49.95 monthly. They continue to bill you each month until you cancel the membership. That’s not all though, they also enroll you into another shady membership site which is for a site called HDSchoolgirlz.com. This bills roughly $39.95 monthly until it’s canceled as well. As you can see, this is nothing but a complete scam and there’s no way that this is going to get you laid. Trust me, chatting with fake users and watching porn isn’t going to help anything.

Easy Sex TOS

Do you want to cancel?

If you joined the site already and you want your money back, all you need to do is email support@easysex.com and they’ll be able to help you I think. Let them know that you’ll be calling your bank if the charge doesn’t get resolved. That should help clear things up pretty quickly!

The bottom line here is quite simple. Easysex is a huge waste of time and money. They try and take users for a ride by offering a free lifetime membership only to scam them for months on end once verified. It’s a classic shady dating operation at best. Do yourself a huge favor and stay far away from this website. Instead, give Uberhorny.com a try. It just might change your life completely.