How To Choose A Tinder Profile Photo (Or Using Any Dating Site)


I don’t typically give people Tinder dating advice but this advice can actually transfer over to any dating profile period. Internet dating has become so popular that it has officially overshadowed going to bars to find a hookup. This is especially true for the mega-popular hookup app Tinder. I’m sure you know by now that Tinder has added premium features, but you can still hook up with horny local singles for free.

Tinder is based on looks and one look at your profile picture will cause a girl to either swipe right if they like you and swipe left if they don’t. Here are the types of photos you should not be posting, followed by the photos that you should. Keep in mind that I mentioned how this same logic goes for other dating sites that exist today. For example, you can apply them to any Uberhorny profile or bio build out that you’d like. Any other approach would be completely foolish.

Tinder Profile Photo Tips

Tinder Profile Photos And What To Post!

Here’s the good, bad, and downright ugly when it comes to Tinder profile buildouts and the use of various types of pictures.

Types of Photos You Should NOT Post

Before we go over the best types of photos you should post to get the girls to swipe right, let’s look at the photos that automatically cause them to swipe left. First of all, forget about that shirtless photo in the mirror you love so much. This is cliché and cheesy. Do not post a bunch of pictures with you and your friends either. Girls don’t want to see how popular you are and they don’t want to try to guess which person is you in the pictures. They want to see you. You should post the best representation of you and here are the best types of photos to post.

Types of Photos You SHOULD Post

These are the types of profile photos that you should think of posting if you want to get lucky via an online hookup site. Pay close attention and take notes if need be, because you’ll be glad that you did if you do!

A Selfie – Yes, a selfie does work pretty well. It might be a bit of a cliché as well, but it shows you up close and personal and you can take several of them in several locations until you get just the right one where you look your best.

Look How Adorable I Am – This photo can be you with a pet or a cute niece or nephew that you are close to. This is one of those photos that prompts them to say “AW!” and it’s more likely that they’ll swipe right.

Look at What I Do for Fun – At least one of your photos should show you doing what you love or something you are passionate about. This type of photo shows that you are a fun person with hobbies that are interesting to be a part of.

Look How Nice My Smile Is – You don’t have to have a big cheesy smile in every one of your pictures, but there should be at least one picture that shows that you are a person with a sense of humor and smiling pictures can be endearing.

Look How Rugged I Am – This is not a must, but it can help to have at least one picture of you being a manly man. It could be a picture of you out hiking in cool mountain scenery or lighting a fire while camping.

Look How Well I Clean Up – This is a big plus in any group of profile pictures. You should have at least one picture of you in some suit or really nice clothes that show how well you clean up. This will make them go “OOH” and swipe right every time

I think at this point you’ve likely got a strong idea as to what’s acceptable and unacceptable from a photo posting perspective! Take the same approach using Uberhorny and you’ll have plenty of online dating success, trust me.

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