How To Get Laid Tonight


Okay, so there’s a good chance you’ve had those feelings of really wanting to just hook up but you don’t know how to get laid, based on your current Rolodex (LOL no I’m not old). I completely understand and I’ve been there on a number of occasions. You spend time texting a few people, cross your fingers and hope that you get a text back at a minimum. That’s just the surface too. You’ve probably had pretty bad luck taking that approach. I want you to forget all that noise because I’m going to tell you exactly how to get laid tonight.

Simple Steps on How To Get Laid Tonight

How To Get Laid

There’s a simple 9 step approach that I generally recommend anyone trying to have sex with someone new take. It’s not as complex as it sounds. In fact, it’s quite simple. I’ve removed the guessing. All you have to do is follow these steps.

Step 1. Join a dating site. (Second to none, Uberhorny is definitely the recommended site)

The first step is for you to get off your butt and join a hookup dating website. If you’re not a member of any dating sites, I have to suggest that you join the one recommended above. If you haven’t joined yet, I’d suggest you take a few minutes to obtain an Uberhorny login right now. Open another window and do it before you continue. It’s the best thing you can do. Once you’ve completed that quick task, move on to step two.

Step 2. Chat with someone within the same zip code.

Once you’ve joined the casual dating sitie of your choice, you now need to start connecting with other users. Start by chatting with individuals within the same zip code as you. If you don’t know how to find people in the local area, I’d suggest you use the advanced search option. It’s likely going to have that option for you to take.  Once you find out how to do that, begin connecting with people in your area and chatting with them via the messaging system or the live chat option. Ask them if she’s want to meet up tonight.

Step 3. Meet up with her.

Once you’ve established that she’s willing and able to meet with you, the next step is to meet up with her. Find a good local place for a first date meet up and plan to meet up with her. Dress nice but keep it casual. Don’t look like you’re trying to hard.

Step 4. Make her feel extremely attractive.

Now that you’re with your potential sex partner, you’ve got to find a few ways to make her feel attractive. Be careful, there’s a happy medium here and you need to make sure you’re not smothering her with comments. Just act confident, nice and be sure to compliment her. Tell her how sexy she looks and how incredibly hot she looks. Don’t focus on her boobs, but her eyes and face instead.

Step 5. Connect with her.

Your job is relatively simple. You’ve got to find a way to connect with her. Whether that be something you both enjoy or perhaps beliefs you share. Whatever it may be, you’ve got to try and make it happen. This is key to getting laid in this situation!

Step 6. Ask for a kiss.

If you feel like things are going pretty god with regards to the first date, you should ask her for a kiss. If she says yes, you’ve just increased your chances of getting laid even more. She’s physical and wants to touch you as do you. Another box checked!

Step 7. Leave together. 

Don’t let her leave before you and definitely don’t leave before your date. You’ve got a better chance at getting laid if you both leave together. I’ve done this on a number of occasions and it’s worked more when I’ve left with my date than not. It’s important because you’re setting the path for the rest of your night in doing so.

Step 8. Go home or to a hotel.

Now, this is where it really gets good. You’ve got to take one of two approaches here. You need to try and get her to either your place or a local hotel. Depending on the location, it may make more sense to try and get her to a hotel bar or room versus your house. Proximity is really a huge factor here. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to do your homework before and know your surroundings. I’ve had luck taking women to both my house and a hotel.

Step 9. Bang her.

Well, you’re almost home, now that you’ve got her in the right place and it’s the right time, you’ve just got to bang her. Simple as that. Try to get her to fool around with you. Rub her leg, touch her booty and hips, see how she responds. If she seems a bit turned on then I’d say it’s best to try and go for it and bang her! Lastly, you should always remember that it’s important to protect yourself as well as your partner. Always use protection.

Now that you know the step-by-step approach that can get you laid, I’d suggest you log into and start connecting with horny locals looking to bang tonight.


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