Questions To Ask Girls To Arouse Them


Look, I’m gonna shoot it straight for you here today. The best way to get to know a girl is to ask her questions. It’s also the best way to bond with her on an emotional level and even on a sexual level. If you ask the right questions, you can turn her on without her realizing it.

Not all of us are smooth with the ladies or know exactly what to say to turn them on. These ten questions will give you all the tools you need to arouse a woman. The key is to get her to talk about herself and her desires. Before you know it, she’ll be giving you the eye and feeling uber horny like never before. The urge to have sex with you will soon follow and she won’t even know why…

questions to arouse a girl

Want To Arouse A Girls? Ask Them These Questions!

I’m not going to waste a single moment here. You need to pay close attention and start asking the right questions if you want to get anywhere today.

What are you passionate about? Getting her to talk about her passions is the best way to get her excited and get her invested in the conversation.

What would be your dream job? This will let you know a little about her goals and aspirations and will continue to excite her and make her want to hear about yours.

If you won the lottery, where is the first place that you would travel to? This question is to maintain the element of fun while making her think about going on an adventure. This is a great state of mind for arousal.

What is it about yourself that you like and dislike? This will help you bond with her and show her that you are interested in her faults as well as her strong points.

What’s your biggest accomplishment of the last year? This will let you know what her priorities are and what gets her excited. This helps you figure out which direction to go with your flirting based on how deep or shallow she is.

What are some things that you find funny? Some of these questions can get heavy depending on her responses. This question will get her smiling and have fun thoughts running through her head once again. Save it for when you need it.

What is the most embarrassed you have ever been? This is another question to keep the mood playful and get her to talk about herself. This is another question you can use if things get too heavy.

What is the thing that most attracts you to a man? This will take the conversation in a sexual direction and gets her to talking about her desires and she’ll think about what turns her on.

Do you have any secrets that you think I would find interesting? This will make her think about being naughty and she will bond with you in a fun way. This could turn into you trading fantasies with her.

What’s the wildest experience you have ever had? This is going to take the adventurous mood you created and take in a wilder and possibly more sexual direction. This may also let you know how naughty she is.

While some of these may seem a bit corny or even basic AF, I’m telling you they work like a charm. There is a reason why I’ve shared them with you. Neither you nor I have time to mess around here. Just ask questions and thank me later once you’ve gotten your jimmy wet. Good luck with all the horny women you start questioning!