How To Send The Right Message To Girls Online


After reading the title, you probably think I’m referring to an actual text message or on-site message but I’m not. I’m referring to the portrayal of what you’re trying to say to girls you are connecting with online. It’s not all that uncommon¬†for guys like you and I to get all amped up, connect with a hot girl online and you try to let her know what you’re looking for but you, unfortunately, send the wrong message. It happens and I’m here to help you prevent that from happening.

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Tips To Send The Right Message To Women Online

Here are a few tips to keep your message clear and not lead to wasted efforts using online dating sites.

Be Straight Forward
Whatever message you are trying to get across to people, I’d suggest that you be super straight forward. Do not beat around the bush. You need to be straight forward with women online because it’s going to save everyone time and money. The one thing that you need to remember though is to not be to forceful. If you tell a girl that you meet online that you’re horny and want to bang her in the ass, well, you may not get too far with that. What you can do is tell her that you’re looking for someone to hook up with.

Don’t Be Cocky
In the eyes of most women, the guy that’s too cocky is looked as a total douche bag. Some people are cocky as fuck and I can tell you that it’s done absolutely nothing for me. I can’t stress how important it is to not be too cocky. Instead, I suggest that you take a smart-cocky approach. Be cocky in your own mind but don’t let the world know about it.

Be Real
Real is right. Fake is wrong. Simple as that. Don’t make it seem like you own a ton of fancy stuff if you don’t. Be real and genuine. Show girls that you’re a real guy that just wants to show them a good time and it’ll pay off in dividends. I should also mention that being real also goes for your profile. Don’t put stupid fake shit on there. If you do, you’re just another asshole. LOL

Keep It Fun
Life is too short to be serious. Girls have enough stress in their lives and they certainly are not trying to take on any more seriousness. Instead they want happy, sexy, funny. I strongly suggest that you try and get the message across to women you meet online that you’re all about having fun. It makes a huge difference.

It’s Monday and I promise you that if you focus on these few things that I’ve shared with you above, you’re going to be successful when it comes to getting lucky with women online. There’s plenty of horny girls all over the country and even in your backyard that are looking for some D. Line it up and give it to them!