Shower Sex Isn’t as Hot as It Sounds


We’ve all fantasized or have had shower sex in our lifetime. Many of us bang girls in the shower, right? Am I alone here on this one? There are so many things about having sex in the shower that seem appealing. I’m talking a laundry list of things that make this super appealing and I’m sure you can think of just as many reasons of not more than me. The water and the soap make your bodies warm, wet and slippery. You are both already nude with easy access to each other’s erogenous zones. All this might be well and good, but there are some disadvantages that many fail to realize until they are trying to have the shower sex that they assumed would be so hot. It’s not as hot as it sounds and some girls don’t even get horny in the shower due to it being such a fuck show.

shower sex isnt hot

Credit: Loryn Bryantz

Reasons Shower Sex Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

I personally never ask my booty calls to head to the shower with me. Instead, I prefer to fuck them on my bed and tell them to GTFO here! First of all, unless you are a rich man with a bathroom built for a king, there is not much room to move around in the shower. Things get very awkward very quickly when you realize that you can’t get in there like you want to. Plus, the shower stream can only cover so much area. One of you is always getting drenched by the water while the other one is standing away from the water and often get a bit of a chill.

It’s also kind of dangerous to have sex in the shower if you think about it. You would think that it would be hot that both of you are all wet and slippery, but your bodies aren’t the only thing that’s slippery. You could slip and fall if you get thrown off balance during sex and that is easy to do when both of you are trying to move around in a confined space and keep your footing.

When having sex, switching into different positions can elevate the arousal of both of you. This is another thing that is limited when it comes to having sex in the shower. Both of you are standing, so it’s going to take some improvisation to get your holes to line up. She either needs to put her leg up on something or you have to try to get in a position where she can get on top which is almost impossible unless you lie down on the floor of the shower. Getting into these positions could get very dangerous and both of you could end up on the bathroom floor with your heads busted open. That’s no fun.

I’m not saying that shower sex is impossible or even that it’s not possible to have good sex in the shower unless you live in a mansion with a kick ass bathroom. It can get pretty awkward and even dangerous so use caution and realize it’s going to take some skills to do it right.

In the event that you have the right bathroom setup at your house or if you rented a hotel room and the skills to be able to maneuver and perform in the shower without killing yourself then, by all means, get online, meet someone and fuck that girl in your shower until she screams or squirts all over the place! Of course, you won’t know the difference, you’ll already be soaking wet. Hahahah!