Annoying Things That Can Happen During A Date


If you think annoying things can’t happen on a casual date, then you’re absolutely wrong. Things happen and dates can go sour for certain. While the most annoying thing that can happen on a casual date is not getting laid, but there are certainly other annoying things that can happen as well. Here’s a list of them for you to think about.

annoying things that can happen on a date

Here’s a List of the Most Annoying Things When Dating

The list is by no means in order although the last one is really the most annoying…

Your Date Is Hot But Has Really Bad Breath

bad breath
You’ve done everything you’ve been told to do. You’ve spent time trying to find someone to hookup with. Heck, you’ve even learned how to make girls horny enough to want her to have sex with you. However, things happen that disrupt the flow of it all…Sometimes you meet someone that’s so hot, you just can’t wait to take them home from the date to hook up with them. You start your date and then low and behold, you get close enough to realize the person you’re on a date with has breath┬álike a homeless person that hasn’t brushed their teeth in years. This happens and it’s annoying as fuck. How can you actually get close enough to bang someone if you want to avoid their face? Solution: Deal with it long enough to get them home and only do it in the doggy style position.

They Turn Out To Be A Chatty Kathy

talk too much
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…Yes, we’ve all been on that date where the person you’re out on the town with just goes above and beyond sharing everything about their life with you. In the event that they choose not to disclose everything about themselves in your short but casual event and they’re not so annoying that you walk out the door now there is something you can do. Do your best to deal with it until you can get them to a hotel or home so you can hookup with them.

Food Is Disgusting

disgusting foodI’ve suggested to folks in the past that if they are going on a date and a full meal is to be involved, then I’d suggest that you only go to restaurants that you know are good. However, we all make mistakes and it can be pretty damn annoying when you’re out on a date and the food sucks. Solution: Avoid this annoying nonsense and only go to a place you know is good. It doesn’t have to be super high end. Just enough to make your date want to have wild sex with you.

Forgetting Your Wallet

forgot my wallet
Sometimes we run out of money and need to spend less but what’s even more annoying is when you forget your wallet on a date. It makes you look like an ass and you can bet your bottom dollar your date isn’t happy about it. The solution to this, check all your pockets before heading out for the following: wallet, condoms, cash.

Realizing You’re Definitely Not Getting Laid

def not getting laid
Now, the most annoying thing on any casual date is of course the moment that you realize you are without a doubt not getting laid tonight. Now, it’s really annoying if you find this out after spending time putting in the work and steps to get some booty. The solution at that point is to get online and find someone else that wants to have sex right now. Simple as that!