How To Delete Uberhorny Account


While I’m a huge advocate for using one effective dating site that works like a charm e.g. uberhorny for me and millions of other Americans living the single life in the United States. It’s my duty to tell you how to do everything on this website given that it’s what I created it for. That’s exactly why I need to share how to delete your Uberhorny account.

Honestly, I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would want to cancel their account or delete their profile. The truth is, I’ve had my account for years and without fail, it helps me meet local women on a weekly if not daily basis. Yes, it’s that effective. However, it’s my duty to answer when the people ask, so I’m sharing the exact steps that you need to take if you wish to cancel your Uber Horny dating site account.

delete uberhorny account

Steps To Delete Your Account

If you’re looking to discontinue the use one of the world’s most popular dating sites, then you need to know that this is a two-part process which takes literally only seconds to complete. What you’re going to want to do is set your profile to “inactive” through a few simple steps.

Here’s How To Completely Delete Your Profile

The first thing you want to do is log into the website using whatever email address and password that you’ve been using.

Once you’re logged into the website and you’re in the members area, you’ll want to click on your photo which is located in the right hand corner of the profile page. Find the button in the dropdown that says “Account Settings.” When you do find it, you’ll then want click on the text that reads, “Make My Profile Inactive.” Once you’ve done that, click the “Save” button and your account will officially become an inactive account.

Now, you may also want to cancel your monthly membership if you’re a paying premium member with gold or silver status. Some people might have experience on other dating sites and think that this is tricky, but Global Personals and make it so darn simple to discontinue your membership. Here’s what you’ll want to do…

The first thing that I would suggest doing is heading on over to the customer support page and checking out the frequently asked questions. You’ll find specific instructions on what to do in order to cancel. My guess is that you’ll eventually come across a link which will then lead you different options to cancel based on what billing company you went through.

Assuming you went with CCBill, then you want to contact their customer support line e.g. 1-(888)-596-9279 or you can email them at

If you upgraded through Segpay, then you can check out or call 1-(866)-450-4000 for more information.

Lastly, if you purchased your subscription via Epoch, then you can email or call billing support at 1-(800)-893-8871.

Pretty simple, right! I kid you not when I say that there customer support is absolutely incredible. If you’re still having problems, all you need to do is send a message to or call the support line at this number and they’ll be able to take care of you no problem, 1-888-824-3640.

Now, if you do ultimately decide to cancel your membership, it’s important to know, you’ll be able to signup again in the future. However, what some people do is contact the company to extend their membership. They have a guarantee which they offer everyone that joins. This means you’ve got all the chances in the world to hookup with someone.