5 Casual Sex Date Tips


Whether your on a date with a girl you’ve just met to have a sex-only relationship or hook up for the first time, I’ve got a few tips for you to follow to more than likely guarantee getting laid. These tips apply for an ex, a friend or anyone really. Just take my advice and you’ll get your dick wet.

casual sex date tips

Tips For Casual Sex Date Success

1) Honesty is best.

If you want to get laid, then I suggest you be 100% completely honest with the girl you’re on a date with. She’s joined a casual sex website to get laid and so have you. Telling her something else is just plain bullshit and she’ll likely see right through you. Honesty in a casual setting is the best. Let loose, be real and she’ll love it.

2) Don’t over do her.

I understand your objective is to get laid. I get that and I certainly respect that too. However, I’d suggest you not over do her because she may get bored. Remember, it’s easy to get laid on sites like Uberhorny, so if you’re meeting up with the same woman from the site, she may get tired of banging you. Very rarely does that happen. But the chance that it might happen, you don’t want to increase that chance. Don’t bang her everyday.

3) Hit then split.

If you’re not trying to take things any further than the casual level, don’t let a girl spend the night. Spending the night could lead to a more serious long term relationship. Keep it to hooking up and sending her home or you leaving her place. I’ve always had better results when banging then leaving.

4) Keep it fun.

It’s all about having fun when you’re dating someone in a more casual manner. Keep the topic of conversation positive and fun at all times. No one likes someone that’s no fun.

5) Don’t ask about the past.

Rule number one in casual dating is to never ask someone about their past. If they want to share it with you, they will, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to get too much information from your date. Remember, you’re trying to bang this horny girl, not marry her. Keep the past in the past. Focus on having sex tonight instead of the sex you’ve had in the past.

Take my advice and I’m certain your chances of getting laid will increase. Fail to do so and you’re definitely shooting yourself in the foot. Now, if you need to find someone for that sex date, go to uberhorny.com and join today.