Dating Deal Breakers Revealed and How To Avoid Them


It’s hump day and you’re likely ready for the week to be over. You’ve done your homework online searching for a date for the weekend. You connect with someone and then the worst thing that can happen does, you’re turned off when you meet them in person. Yes, it happens. Not as often as one would think given that most are using Uberhorny to find someone to bang (click here to find out why I use it). However, it does happen and far too often. Here are a few dating deal breakers and how to avoid them.

dating deal breakers

Avoid These Dating Deal Breakers If You Want To Get Laid

There are millions of horny women out there looking to have sex. The last thing you want to do is turn them off in a way that they literally call off hooking up with you. Trust me, it can and will happen on occasion if you don’t try to steer clear from the following things listed below. ¬†According to Huffington Post and various researchers, these are the things you should avoid at all costs if you want to date successfully.

Don’t Be Lazy

No one likes to date a lazy person. Being lazy might be one of the biggest turn-offs in this world and in you’re trying to convince someone to bang you, if you’re a lazy AF person there is absolutely no way you’re getting lucky. Don’t way anything to your date that makes you sound unmotivated or lazy either.

Don’t Act Needy At All

Needy people suck. Things they say get old and it can seem like a broken record to some. No one likes to have to help someone or worry about them all the time. That includes having to deal with the whining that goes along with being needy. I’ve literally turned down girls because they are so damn needy it’s insane. Don’t be needy, end of story.

Have A Sense Of Humor

Laughing releases endorphins and it makes you happy. When you’re happy and acting happy, the people around you are most likely doing the same or at a minimum, it’s rubbing off on them. When you’re out on the casual dating scene, having a sense of humor is crucial. If you don’t, then you better figure out how to build on fast. I did and I’ve had so much more success since doing so. Serious sucks, funny is well, fun!

Don’t Keep The Distance

Want to find a casual sex partner that you can smash on the regular? Don’t look too far away! A study done shows that distance was one of the major deal breakers for people dating.

Now, if you’re interested in meeting horny women then I’d suggest you make sure these dating deal breakers don’t apply to you.