Foods That Boost Sex Drive And Stamina


There are some foods that are known for helping boost stamina in the bedroom as well as jump-start your sexual appetite. I’m no chef, but I know which foods you should and shouldn’t consume if you want to have super sex! I’ll tell you the ones that I personally suggest consuming.

Foods that boost sex drive

List of Foods To Boost Your Sex Drive

Here’s a simple list of foods that you can think about consuming should you want to increase your sex drive and stamina in the bedroom. I eat all of these foods and can 100% attest that they do in fact work.


Guess what, watermelon contains a ton of lycopene as well as citrulline. These two ingredients help with blood circulation and getting hard. That’ll help keep any girl happy in the bedroom.


Avocados are very good fats. They contain lots of unsaturated fats, which can help keep your heart healthy. A healthy heart is essential if you want to have great sex. Keeping your blood pumping to all the right places is definitely important!


I’m sure you know this already, but oysters are the world’s strongest aphrodisiac. They contain a ton of zinc and are considered to be basically natural Viagra. Take your Uberhorny date out to a nice oyster bar and she’ll be wanting to have sex with you soon after.


Did you know that strawberries were helpful in boosting your libido? It’s all due to the excessive vitamin C and B. I tend to add some chocolate and fee them to women that I get in my hotel room. They love this type of treatment, trust me on that!

Dark Chocolate

Another common sex driver is dark chocolate. If you didn’t know, dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine which can assist in releasing endorphins. Eating dark chocolate can help boost your excitement level for sure and it makes having sex much better.

Red Wine

Red wine contains something known as nitric oxide. The nitric oxide does a great job in improving blood flow as well as helping you relax a bit. The main thing that you want to remember is to not drink too much. Doing so can cause a major hangover and headache!

If you feel as though you have a low sex drive, then I suggest that you include these foods into your diet. I’ve been doing so for years and it really makes a huge difference.