Online Dating Security Guide


If you’re sporadically dating online then you need to read this. If you’re actively looking for a hookup every single day, then you need this. Basically, everyone needs to understand the ins and outs of online dating security. I’ve been getting a ton of requests for information related to this and I’m going to share what I consider to be the most essential and dumbed down guide for keeping yourself safe and secure using any dating network.

Here’s what you need to know whether you’re serious about it or just casually messing around with things.

online dating security

Internet Dating Security Tips

The key to staying safe and secure when it comes to dating is quite simple. All you need to do is read this and remain alert.

Full disclosure: I’m not suggesting that you not use these sites. I’m simply suggesting that you put forth the time and effort to keep yourself safe, that’s all.

Always Meet In Public

Rule number one is to never meet in a private place. If you’re meeting for the first time, then you want to do so in the most public setting possible. Don’t start by meeting someone in a dark alley or their car. That’s just plain stupid.

If you want to meet someone, then do it safely and do so in a secure location where lots of other people are around. Places like the park, a restaurant, the local diner, a gym. You get the point I think.

Never Give Out Financial Info

If someone asks you for your bank account, credit card number or any type of financial information period, then run. They are out to scam you and even worse, perhaps physically harm you so they don’t get caught. Just don’t give out your information and you’ll be fine.

Keep Chats Private

Do not take your chats or video sessions anywhere other than the private chat within a secure dating site. Remember, if something happens to you and it happens due to communication outside of the network, well, there’s nothing that can be done by the dating site to help you out.

Don’t Reveal Your Address

I don’t care if someone is begging for it. Until you are 100% comfortable with someone, do not reveal your address to them.

Doing so will be the biggest mistake of your life. Some of the people using sites like and do so just to give you the impression that they are safe people. Do not assume that they are at all.

Keep Your DOB To Yourself

This goes without saying, but don’t give anyone your date of birth or social security. There’s no reason for them to have that information and if they do, then chances are they’re going to do something bad with it. I’ve seen the worst of the worst and yes – it almost always ends badly for people with this type of thing.

Know How To Contact Customer Service

It’s important that you know how to contact customer service in whatever app or phone you’re using. If not, you might find yourself in a bind or jam with only minutes to spare and if you cannot connect with support, then you’ll be in trouble.

Tell Someone

Most importantly, when you go on a first date with someone, be sure to let one of your friends or a family member know who you’re going with and where you’re going.

Now, if you can remember to do those things, then you’ll have no trouble at all, I’m sure of it.

What people often do is they get lazy or comfortable and that’s when things slip by them. Don’t let that happen, just always be on the grind and alert.