Getting Laid In Major U.S. Cities


Some people think that living in a major city within the United States makes it more difficult to get laid. I completely bock at this nonsense everytime I hear it. In fact, I’ve had more luck getting laid when traveling to major cities within the United States than any other places. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a few quick pointers to help you get your dick wet in some popular cities.

Get Laid in Major U.S. Citites

Tips To Get You Laid in Major Cities Across North America

Use Technology

If you’re not using technology to your advantage then you’re not taking full advantage. What that means is, joining an online dating site or app like the Uberhorny is absolutely essential. It gives you the edge that others may not have by instantly connecting with others looking to get laid in the local area.

Ask The Bellhop

If you’re staying at a hotel in one of the major cities within the U.S. then you need to become friends with the Bellhop and ask him where the local women hang out. Oh, I should probably also mention to not be cheap about it either. Tip the Bellhop when he gives you good advice. He’s your friend and wants you to have a good experience here. Trust me on this. It will put more money in his pocket if you do.

Hang Around High-End Restaurants

Find the local expensive steak house in the city and post up at the bar for a few martini’s or something. Chances are you’ll see a few single ladies hanging out by themselves. These could be horny local business women or girls that are traveling and are just lonely. They want to hang out with someone, which is why they’re spending time at the bar to talk to the bartender. Intercept that and try to get laid by her.

Visit Strip Clubs

Most people are afraid to go to strip clubs. They don’t like having to shell out money to hang out with a girl, especially one that they may not be able to hook up with. Well, believe it or not, some of these strippers that work in clubs in the major cities across the country spend an awful lot of time on their smartphones trying to line up dates for the days they aren’t hanging from a pole. It would be in your best interest to ask a few of the girls if they use any dating apps or if they are members of any sites. This is a slick way to ask if they go out on dates. You may find that one of the girls you ask may be willing to set up a date night with you during your trip. I’d recommend it for sure.

Now, these tips are pretty basic, I know. Trust me, many forget just how simple it is to get laid if you live in a major city in the United States. These simple tips should help you get laid no matter what major city you are spending time in.