Best Places To Meet Women For The First Time


If you’ve joined Uberhorny and you’re officially a member of the site, you’ve certainly discovered that finding girls in the local area is probably a piece of cake. Although that’s a fantastic start, it’s the beginning stage of getting lucky with a local woman. Given that you’re most certainly not meeting for just a nice conversation, you need to hit a home run with the location chosen to meet up. Honestly, this can mean the difference between getting laid or going home without hooking up. Here’s a list of the best places to meet women that you’ve connected with online if you want to increase your chances of getting laid.

Best First Date Locations To Meet Women If You Want To Get Laid

1) Local Mexican Restaurant

mexican restaurant first date

A Mexican restaurant is a great first hookup spot.

What’s better than margarita’s and tequila shots? Meeting a woman for the first time at a Mexican restaurant is a great idea. If you live nearby a good one, I’d recommend making this one of the locations you choose to meet up. Having personal experience in taking a first date to a local awesome Tex-Mex spot and getting laid that night, I can say that tequila and tacos work. Unless she hates Mexican food, you can’t go wrong.

2) Upscale Coffee Shop

upscale coffee date

Upscale coffee shops like, Panther Coffee or Starbucks are great places for a first meet up.

Starbucks, Panther Coffee or even a boutique coffee shop is a great place to make your first meet up. It’s generally a good choice if you’re meeting up with someone new before noontime. If it’s getting closer to the middle of the day, some of the local coffee shops even add a little alcohol to kick things up a notch. This option is great because if you can take her sober, there’s a good chance you’ll take her anyway.

3) Outdoor Lounge

If you live close to a restaurant that has any type of outdoor seating with some live entertainment then I’d suggest trying that as a spot to meet women for any of your first date encounters.

4) Local Upscale Hotel

hotels to hookup

The W Hotel is a great place to meet women you’ve connected with online.

Now, this may sound and look at bit too forward, but you have to remember that you’re meeting horny women that want to have sex. That said, an excellent location for a first date is a local hotel bar. I’d suggest choosing a rather upscale hotel and bar too. Something like the W hotel or another so-called “sexy” hotel with a nice bar area and restaurant on site. If all goes according to plan, you’ll end up in one of the rooms having sex with your date. Although this may be more pricey than other options listed above, it’s a great idea and it works 90% of the time.

5) Local Bar

When all else fails, you can always just agree to meet at a local bar. I’d suggest choosing a spot relatively close to both you and your date. That way, if something sparks and you both want to bang, you can head out accordingly and make it happen.

One thing I must mention, you should always rotate locations. I wouldn’t suggest choosing the same location over and over. It only increases the chances of running into someone that you may or may not have had sex with. It’s always best to avoid conflict when possible. Most importantly, none of this is going to be possible if you’re not a member of the Uber Horny website.