The Pros Of Having NSA Sex With Random People


Society has never been more open to having nsa sex. Sticking your dick inside random people is by far the most acceptable that it’s ever been since the beginning of time. It can be messy at times but it’s one of the best ways to live life today and the years to come. I know the one night stand, friends with benefits or even the no strings attached approach may seem a bit unattractive to some of you but I prefer you not judge just yet. You should not judge until you’ve had a chance to understand some of the pros of having nsa sex with people. I do it daily with girls I meet online and you can too!

The Pros Of Having NSA sex

Pros Of Having NSA Sex Partners Today

Here’s a list of the main advantages of having NSA sex this year. I’m 100% pro casual fucking! You will be too once you finish reading this article…

Nothing But Freedom!

The no commitment factor is absolutely huge! There is no worrying about whether or not a girl is unhappy or sad. No having to deal with any extra bullshit that ties up your nights.

Instead, you have plenty of time to spend with your guy friends and you still get laid. The freedom is a feeling that most yearn for yet they can’t get there. It’s a great feeling my friend!

No Wasting Time

I hate wasting a shit ton of time taking care of girls 24/7. Instead of wasting time with a girlfriend, I get to focus on me more and not have to worry so much about ridiculous girls and their needs (other than sex).

There is nothing more fun than just having random casual sex at 2am with some girl you just met at a bar. Even better, running into a chick that you fuck occasionally. You’ve just clinched your pussy for the evening without wasting any time at all. Kudos to you!

Less Stress

One of the main pros of having casual sex is the ability to not be so stressed out about things.

Sex is a stress reliever and having a girlfriend or wife can actually add to that stress level. Carefree sex is a blessing in disguise and that can only be done if you put forth the effort to connect with someone at a causal level.

No Expectations

NSA sex partners get it. They don’t set their expectations of your too high because they don’t want to be disappointed. What you need to realize is that they are not looking down at you.

If anything, this is a huge advantage that you need to take full advantage of. No stressing over calling them after, no need to see them again (if the sex sucked), no need to do anything (other than keep living life free) really!

More Orgasms

I’m telling you right now that people who have casual sex have far more orgasms versus those in relationships. If you don’t believe me then do your own research. I am 100% on point here and I know that this is the case. I don’t know about you but I love having orgasms.


These are just a few of the pros of having nsa sex versus being in a real relationship. Stop looking for a girlfriend and start using an online dating site to find someone to fuck. That’s literally all you need to do! You’ll be super successful if you do!