Creating The Perfect Adult Dating Profile


Some people think that creating a profile on the adult dating sites they’ve joined is simply enough. I’m here to tell you that might be true, but going the extra mile can literally do wonders for your success rates and putting some extra effort in creating an adult dating profile can get you laid so much quicker.

Adult Dating Profile Tips

Tips on creating an adult dating profile.

Tips For Creating A Casual Dating Profile

Be Real and Upfront
It’s no surprise that you and others are here to get laid. Be as real as can be without sounding like a creep or sounding somewhat unattractive. Women on adult dating sites want to have sex just as you and they’ve spent some┬átime creating the most attractive profile possible so you should too. Make sure you are real and upfront with what you want in a casual sex partner. Keep it straight to the point.

Take A Great Picture
If you’re not showing the best side of you then your potential partner won’t think that the best even exists. Therefore, I recommend that you spend some time to take a really good profile picture. Doing so could prevent a potential partner from simply passing you up because of a crappy picture.

Taglines Matter
Your tagline says a lot about you. In fact, it says far more than you think. I typically recommend putting up one or two sentences that describe you as a person but leave things open ended enough to want someone to contact you for more info due to their increased level of curiosity. I always put something that’s related to an adventure of some sort.

All Sections Matter
Don’t half ass any portion of a dating profile. If there are 10 sections, then fill out all 10 sections. The reason all the sections exist is to better connect you with someone horny in your local area. I know when I joined Uberhorny, I filled out my profile top to bottom because I knew it was only there to help get laid.

Photos, Photos & More Photos
People on adult dating sites want to see you and they want to see a lot of you. One photo is absolutely not enough. You should be adding a gallery of photos to hopefully attract as many individuals as possible. One photo doesn’t say nearly enough about you and if you think that it does then there’s a good chance you’ve never used Facebook or Instagram. Casual dating sites are no different. Getting your face out there gets you laid faster.

Now, these simple tips on creating a profile for hooking up with super horny women should help you find them or even better, help them find you!