Sex Encounter Review


Today I’m covering a site called Sex Encounters. I’m not exactly sure that this site is even worth reading about. That’s seriously how bad this site sucks. I’ve reviewed a few sites like this that really remind me of I’m talking about sites like Snapsex and Craigshookup. Don’t go running to check those two sites out because they’re useless as well. BUT, if you want to learn about the official Sex Encounters site, then keep reading below…

Sex Encounter

My Sex Encounters Review

It can be really tough to keep yourself safe on the internet. You always have to worry about where your images might end up after you upload them to a site. As is often the case, sites will have terms that you have to give up ownership of anything that you post on the site. It happens a lot more often than you think. That’s actually how you get a lot of the images that you see up on fake dating profiles. That’s exactly what’s going on with Sex Encounters.

They take images from other sites all over the internet and use them to create fake profiles. They then use these profiles to scam people. It’s nothing new at all. In fact, it happens a lot. You don’t have to go very far before you run into this exact same scam somewhere else on the internet.

The Profiles Send You Messages

The reason for creating fake profiles is still really simple. The sites use those fake profiles to send you messages. They want to make them look as attractive as they possibly can. They attach them to bots and those bots send out messages to all of the free users. You can see that the messages are there, but you won’t be able to respond to them.

That’s where the scam comes in. You’ll have to upgrade your account and give them money in order to actually talk to the people you think are sending you messages. That’s how they make all of their money. They send out fake messages and make you pay to read them. So many people fall for it that it’s a very successful business model. You won’t know what’s going on until you realize that you’re just talking to a computer.

Just Check The Photos

All you really have to do to see this for yourself is to check the photos out. You can pick any profile that you want. They’re all just as fake. Just take those images and run an image search on them. It’s very simple and only takes a few seconds.

You’ll see those same images pop up all over the internet. That’s how you know that they’ve been used by site after site for the same exact purpose. It’s how the scam works and it happens on a whole lot of sites all across the internet.

Conclusion: Sex Encounters Is Just Another Scam

If you want to get scammed, you should definitely check out Sex Encounters. If you want to talk to robots, then it’s the place for you. If you want a real dating site, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. This one will never be that.

No one uses this site because it has nothing at all to offer them. If you go on it, you’re running the risk of getting scammed. Just stay away from it. It will never work out for you. Find a different site (found one here) that actually has something to offer you.