Top Five Reasons To Avoid Sex Worker Sites


I’m here today to share some really important information with you. If you’re not aware of the fact that many of the escort classified sites are shutting down, then you need to be. It could mean really awful things for you decide to hire someone on these sites. The bottom line is that I suggest avoiding sex worker sites at all times, no questions asked. Now, what you need to know is that I’m not suggesting that you stop dating online. I’m simply suggesting that you stop trying to pay workers for sex.

Sharing all the reasons why I suggest avoiding sex worker sites will give you a better idea as to why I don’t mess with these sites, ever.

avoid sex worker sites

Five Reasons Sex Worker Sites Must Be Avoided

Just to be clear here, the term sex worker is someone that works for money and provides sex services in exchange for it. When using mutually consensual dating sites (both mainstream and adult) there is zero connection between these types of sites and the sex worker websites. To be more clear, I’m referring to sites like Backpage, Craigslist, Erotic Monkey, and My Redbook etc.

Now, here’s why I avoid all these sex worker sites.

Dirty Girls

First things first, think about the number of people that these sex worker sites are connecting? You’re sleeping with girls that have been paid money to sleep with men. Some of these sex workers sleep with dozens of guys every single day. That’s as dirty as it gets. Seriously, there’s nothing dirtier based on the work and research that I’ve done. Do you want all those sexually transmitted infections that these guys are passing around? Keep in mind that I’m not talking about high-end girls like Instagrams Jenna Shea and those that collect $10k per night. Those girls don’t sleep with a lot of guys, they are very selective.

Law Enforcement Issues

When you have sex workers posting illegal ads, then you’re going to have law enforcement departments doing the same. They post ads in an attempt to catch men trying to pay for sex services. Getting arrested for hiring a prostitute is embarrassing and something that you’ll regret for the rest of your life. Not to mention the legal fees that accompany this event. Oh, and if you think “it won’t happen to me,” then think again. I’ve seen so many situations that turn bad that it destroys guys lives forever.


Connecting with a sex worker can be extremely expensive. I mean, you’re essentially agreeing to meet for sex and pay them hundreds if not thousands at times and that’s just the money that they squeeze out of you voluntarily. It really adds up quicker than you can imagine. Think about it, the amount of money you need to spend for just one orgasm and pleasure for less than an hour is absurd. I cannot think of any reason why you should spend a nickel on these sex workers, period.


There’s always danger when dealing with sex workers. Some of these girls have pimps that manage them and they will come after you if you don’t pay. There have been beat downs, fights, robbery, even deaths at times for hiring the wrong girl and not paying. Keep that in mind the next time you go to hire one of these girls.


Okay, so this is really scary, but these sex worker sites actually hold your personal information on record (some of them). For example, if you communicate through a certain messaging system that’s meant to connect sex workers with clients and the site has legal issues, then they’ve got proof that you have hired a girl or tried to hire a girl to have sex with you.

The bottom line is simple, don’t hire sex workers. Just use a casual dating site (like this here) and connect with women looking for guys to sleep with. It’s really that simple. No need to pay for sex, ever.