New Things To Try In The Bedroom


Let’s face it, the same scene in the bedroom can get really fucking boring. I’m talking super boring. That’s part of the reason I use Uberhorny, so that I can meet new local sex partners to spice things up from time to time. That’s no surprise though really. Whenever you’re in a jam, you may need to find new things to try in bed and I’m going to give you a few things that you can try and incorporate to spice things up.

try this in the bedroom

A Few New Things To Try In The Bedroom

Here are a few suggestions that I have for you. Now don’t take these lightly and keep an open mind. You may turn out to like a few of them.

Most people masturbate alone. What I’m suggesting is that you each masturbate together with one another. Even if you’ve just met this person. Let her get herself off while you watch and then you do the same. I’ve met plenty of horny women that want nothing more than to have a man watch as they fuck themselves.

Make Out Session For Hours
Try kissing or making out from head to toe for hours. It will become difficult for you to resist one another but I’m sure you’ll both enjoy it for sure. This is a technique that I use quite often and it gets the girls going pretty quickly from time to time.

Handcuffs and Restraints
I love rough sex and some girls actually enjoy being tied up by men. Try working in some handcuff and restraint stuff into the bedroom. You’ll have a great time using these devices just make sure you have a safety word for your partner if it gets too rough. Heck, if you can meet someone at a bar and get them tied up then you’re a fucking pro!

When you laugh, you are happy and being happy releases chemicals into your body and bloodstream that are great for you. I try to incorporate some light tickling when possible.

Some girls love to be treated like naughty little things. They get wet getting spanked and it’s perfect for starting things up in the bedroom. I’ve had huge success taking this route and I can promise you that you will have the same. Just start gentle and don’t get carried away.

Watching a girl use a dildo can turn any man on, especially when the girl is really orgasming hard. If you can find a girl online that likes using dildos then your life will change forever.

Well, these things most certainly will help change your perspective of things in the bedroom for good. Try a few of them out and enjoy!