Popular Names on Dating Apps


Is it possible that your name may be directly impacting your level of success when it comes to using a mobile dating app today? Well, supposedly, it’s very possible that your first name might be the cause of why you’re receiving so many right swipes or maybe not!

Dating Apps…Does Your Name Matter?

Here’s a screenshot of the list of names ranked…

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For years, people have spent time analyzing profile traits to determine what has the most impact on finding someone to hook up with, myself included, and it turns out it very well may not be what you think at all. According to a recent study conducted by The Grade app, owned and created by Snap Interactive, 100,000 users of the app were analyzed to determine what they thought were the hottest names.

The results may surprise you a bit. Out of the 100,000 individuals that swiped right, 24 percent of the women swiped right on guys named Brett, while 70 percent of the men swiped right on women named Brianna!

Second and third places were taken by Tyler and Erika as well as Corey and Lexi. Now, I’m not saying that if your name isn’t one of those mentioned that you’re not ever getting laid. But I will say that you’ve got a lot better shot at getting lucky if you do have one of the names listed as your first name.


Now, don’t panic if your name didn’t make the list. My name isn’t on the list either and I get laid a ton! So, like I said, it’s not worth it for you to panic at all because even if you’ve got the worst name in the world, there’s a good chance that you’ll still be able to meet a local horny woman using my favorite hook up site. If you’re not getting laid, then you’re not using this website. It’s really as simple as that. Oh, and if you don’t get lucky, send me an e-mail and I’ll personally help you out. That’s how confident I am when it comes to getting some because I get mine! I always bring the ruckas to the ladies!

brings the ruckas to the ladies

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