The Best PUA Openers


I’ve talked about my favorite dating site more than I’ve talked about picking up women. So, today I’m going to share a few PUA openers that tend to work really well for me. If you’re not sure what “PUA” stands for, keep reading and find out!

pua openers

PUA Openers That Work

What’s a PUA Opener?

First off, PUA stands for “Pick up Artist” and an opener is a term used to describe the start of a conversation. One thing you need to know about these pickup lines is that they are heavily deemed make or break approaches. An opener can literally kill your chances if used improperly. That said, I’m going to share my top PUA openers that have gotten me laid.

Fashion Compliment Opener

Telling a girl that she looks great and that you like her style is a great opener. In order to make this work, you must stress the emphasis of being creative. Girls love it when you compliment on their clothes since they put so much effort into being noticed.

Lost Opener

Walking up to a girl and telling her you’re lost can work like a charm or it can make you look like an idiot if done wrong. I’d suggest you make sure you don’t move forward with a “captain obvious” approach or you’re going to get shot down. In short, don’t make yourself look like too much of a dummy because it’ll get ya!

Look Like Opener

You need a wingman for this one, but it works pretty well. Come up with someone quirky or goofy that your friend might look like and ask a girl you don’t know. Make sure you stay away from being too offensive as she’ll think you’re an asshole and that’s not going to get you laid. Keep it fun and try it out.

Now, I know this is a really short list, but it’s Friday morning and I’m on a mission to get laid this weekend. I’m on a hot streak using Uberhorny and I do not want to go cold so I’m putting in the work on the dating site to line up a sex date for the night. If I wasn’t trying to get my dick wet this weekend I’d write more. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more!