The Lean Casual Dating Checklist


Eric Ries once wrote a book called The Lean Startup. It was about launching a product and doing so as quickly as possible with the bare essentials in order to be successful. Well, I was reading that book and I actually created my version of that called the lean casual dating checklist. It’s pretty much a checklist of everything that I think is essential when it comes to both using dating sites and being prepared for sex at any place and anytime.

lean casual dating checklist

Here’s The Lean Casual Dating Checklist

Have Condoms
You guessed it. If you’re using a dating site or app then you need to be prepared at ALL TIMES just in case that one chance comes along where you can actually get laid. In that case, you better have condoms on you. Don’t ask questions, just go get some condoms. Simple as that really. Do it and come back and read the rest of this post.  (And also read the first date advice article.)

Clean Shorts
A topic that some might be too embarrassed to admit but you my friend might be the owner of some old underwear. In which case, you need to lose those things and pick up a pair of fresh undies to impress. If you’re wearing underwear that’s just completely raggedy then you’re off to a bad start.

Even if you’re not paying for it, you’re still paying for it. Have some cash on you at all times. I suggest having a minimum of one hundred dollars on you if you want to be extra prepared. No one likes to look like a chump with empty pockets and it’s certainly not going to get you anywhere with the ladies.

Credit Card
Just in case you run out of cash, I’d suggest having a credit card on your person at all times. I can’t tell you how handy this has been in the event that I run into someone I meet online and they want to get a hotel room right then to bang. Be ready for it.

Cell Phone
You will, of course, need a cell phone to connect via your dating website of choice. If you don’t have a smartphone then I suggest you step your game up today.

Lastly and I hate to bring this one up but you need to have an excuse. What I mean by that is that you need to have an out if you decide you don’t want to go through with the hookup. Make sure you have someone on the back-end that you can count on to relieve you of this.

That my friend is that short and sweet lean casual dating checklist and that’s all you need in order to get your hookup success going!