Casual Dating and Hooking up on the Rise


It’s no secret that people today are turning to casual dating websites in order to meet people. It’s pretty much the driving for of casual dating and hooking up with someone locally. The naysayer folk think that online dating users are a dying breed. While some think it’s the only way to find someone to be intimiate with. The truth is, casual dating is absolutely here to stay and it’s on the rise more than ever now!

casual dating on the rise

Why you ask? Well, there seem to be a few reasons why casual sex and more relaxed dating seem to be increasing popular today and it’s possible that it has something to do with living a non-monogamous lifestyle. According to an article published in, a Psychology Today story published something that stated, younger people were more likely to have casual sex and are less romantic.

My thoughts on the whole thing is that people simply want to be intimate with more people through out there lifetime and they want to get laid by more people. Simple as that really! No longer are the days of having sex with one girl in high school or college, then marrying her and having a miserable life dreaming that you hooked up with¬†all those people¬†when you had the chance and were free as a bird to do so! No more are parents getting involved and making decisions on who you should and shouldn’t be dating. That’s all in the past and we’re living in a great sexy, horny world that wants to have one giant orgasm!

Sex without commitment is not a trend. It’s here to stay and I’m here to make that happen as are all the other others using Uberhorny to get laid. Life is too short to not want to hook up on the first date. Just fucking do it!