First Date 101 and Things You Want To Happen


First dates can be a bit nerve-racking, even when you’re using a casual dating app to try and get lucky. For many that have removed themselves from the dating game for quite some time, it may leave you, even more anxious. I’ve created what I call the  “first date 101” list which lists a number of things that you’ll want to be aware of a first date in order to help you focus more on accomplishing tasks versus being nervous.

first date 101

First Date 101 Checklist

Here’s a simple first date checklist that can be applied to casual dating as well as mainstream dating. There is a stronger focus on casual dating here. Sorry, I like hooking up. LOL!

Make Her Laugh

Women like men that have a sense of humor. You need to be sure to try and make her laugh. This is a definite your first date 101 list and it should be included. Making your date laugh can help break the ice and put everyone in a calmer mood.

Buy Her A Drink

I know, it’s probably assumed but I’m going to mention it anyway. You’ll want to try and buy your date a drink. Alcohol can really make for a fun date so long as both of you don’t consume too much.

Get Her To Share Something

This is a checklist essential! If you want to get in her pants, you’ll have to get her to open up to you about herself. I always suggest trying to get your date to share something personal and each time that I’ve been able to do this, I’ve increased my chances of getting laid for sure.

Get Her To A Hotel

You guessed it right here! You’ll want to add this to your checklist, especially if you’ve got your eye on the prize and by that I’m referring to getting laid. Getting your date to a hotel will put you one step closer to getting laid.

Get Her To Touch You

I’ve personally had seen my chances of getting laid increase when my date is more physical during a first date. Getting your date to touch you should definitely be on your checklist.

Yes, I know that it’s a really short first date 101 checklist but I believe in focusing on a few important things versus a lot of the little things. Once you meet someone using one of the best dating sites for hooking up, line up a date and read this again before you go out with them!

3 Dating Facts I Learned While Researching


I normally share mare own thoughts on dating. I decided to take some time last night to actually research a bit and I found three dating facts that you need to know. Don’t worry, these facts are all positive and if you’re an online dating website user then you’ll like what I have to say.

dating facts

Three Online Dating Facts To Know

Americans Love Online Dating
According to an article published by Pew Research, online dating is widely accepted by the majority of Americans. In fact, 59% of Americans said that online dating is a good way to meet people. This further solidifies the fact that meeting people using technology with the purpose of hooking up is pretty much normal. If you’re not doing it then you might be the weird one.

25 – 34 Year Olds Like It Most
According to the same survey, 22% of individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 have used an online dating website. Surprisingly, only 10% of individuals between the ages of 18-24 have used a dating site or app at one point in time. I thought that this number would be a lot higher. However, there are a ton of people living today in that age bracket and if you’re looking to meet someone between 18-24 you should still join. There’s no shortage of users, I promise!

People Ask For Profile Help
Here’s another interesting fact, according to a study, about 30% of women have asked for help when creating a dating profile. This is in comparison to 16% of men that ask for help. Now, I didn’t need any help when putting my perfect profile together but you shouldn’t feel awkward if you do. Just ask a friend or read my article on perfect dating profiles.

The Takeaway
Okay, so by now you should finally feel less worried about venturing into the online dating world if you haven’t done it yet. It’s quite common and in the event that you’re looking to get laid, you would be absolutely foolish not to do so. I’ve spent almost 10 years using dating sites and for the most part, it’s been a very enjoyable experience. I say just do it and you’ll never look back!

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Reasons To Be Done With Mainstream Matchmaking in 2016

Reasons To Be Done With Mainstream Matchmaking


I had someone tell me that they were absolutely done with modern matchmaking or mainstream dating this year. I can’t blame them to be honest. Having given up mainstream matchmaking dating sites like Match, Tinder, and, I’m a strong advocate for avoiding these mainstream dating sites at all costs. Instead, I’ve opted for using more casual dating sites like Uberhorny. Here are a few reasons why you need to ditch those mainstream matchmaking sites and start casually dating online instead.

done with mainstream dating

Reasons To Say Bye To Modern Mainstream Dating

Too Many Fragile People

I’m done dealing with too many fragile people today. There are way too many fragile folks on these modern mainstream dating sites. Most of the time, they’re no upside to dating these people online.

Too Much Marriage Talk

I can’t stand all the marriage talk on the mainstream dating sites. It’s like people automatically join, go on a date and think forward to being engaged 6 months later. I’m not trying to get married, especially to someone that forces it like that.

I’m Done Wasting Time

If I had a dollar for every minute I wasted in the past on mainstream dating apps, I’d be rich enough to buy a girl to bang, LOL. There such a time waster, it’s insane.

Too Much ‘Beating Around The Bush’

I can’t stand people that aren’t forthcoming. That means that those that beat around the bush! So many mainstream dating folks avoid questions and just fumble with too many things.

Too Many Games

She sent me a wink, three hearts and one super duper swipe. Fuck that. I’m done with the stupid boring mainstream games that come along with being a user.

I Was Done Not Getting Laid

Most importantly, the reason I called it quits with mainstream matchmaking sites, I was tired of not getting laid. I was done dealing with all the drama that comes with being a member of sites like Tinder and Match, but most importantly, I was done being okay with not getting laid.

My Life Today…

Well, I’ve since switched to more casual dating or hookup dating apps so to speak and it’s changed my life for the better. There’s no more dealing drama, I just get laid now.

Here’s Why Today Is A Great Day To Start Dating!


Did you take a break during the holidays? I’m not talking about a break from work. I’m talking about a break from your online dating adventures. If you did, now is the perfect time to start dating again. Here are a few reasons why…

start dating

Start Dating Online Again ASAP, Here’s Why:

New Year’s Resolutions

Some people waste zero time in getting their new year’s resolutions in order. Getting a head start is the name of the game and some folks have vowed to make an effort to hook up with more people today. That means they’re looking for someone.

Heck, maybe even you! The time of the year is perfect for starting from scratch and/or picking up where you left off! People are hungry for hooking up and the new year only exponentially increases things.

People Are Tired of Hearing It

Some people went home for Christmas and for another year they heard family members say, “Why are you still single?” along with other questions they’re sick and tired of answering.

Well, those people are now on a mission to find someone to start a relationship with or maybe just bang on the regular. Why don’t you get some of that?

Valentine’s Day Is Coming

February is right around the corner and you’re more than likely going to want to connect with someone to hook up with before then. Spending another Valentine’s Day without getting laid is not in the cards for you in 2016. Nor is it in the cards for others. So you’ll want to put that extra energy to good use and find someone sooner rather than later.

People Take Breaks Over Holidays

People tend to take breaks during the holidays and that means stepping away from the online dating apps. What usually happens when someone does this is that they’ve found more pep in their step and they’re soon ready to jump back in with insane energy and a positive attitude.

The same that applies for working out also applies to dating. Forget the gym, go exercise your love muscles! Side note, I do love dating girls in shape, so ladies, keep working out!

I’m personally not one to take a break from dating during the holidays, but if you are, then you should take my advice step your game up once again. Just because you struck out a few times in the past doesn’t mean you can’t hit a home run at your next at bat. You’re on deck and it’s time for you to shine!

Click here if you want to read about my personal experience using a local hook up site.

Is Virtual Reality Dating The Next Hot Thing?


I’ve heard a heck of a lot of things lately when it comes to meeting someone online to hook up with. I mean, literally almost everything that I thought was possible. However, I’ve come to learn that this isn’t the case, there’s something that the world is trying to bring to head and it’s virtual reality dating…but will it work and will it stick is the question!

virtual reality dating

Is Virtual Reality Dating The Next Trend?

I get that you’re busy. I know that you have a lot of things to work on day in and day out. It makes it difficult sometimes to meet up with someone. But is virtual dating the answer? According to an article published in Inverse, the founder of vTime stated that “A VR date would be cool because you wouldn’t have to go…” But wait a minute, it gets even crazier! According to eHarmony, VR (virtual reality) dating is going to become a normal thing by 2040.

I think that these people that think this are absolutely nuts! I don’t know about you, but I like to actually fuck girls, not just sit in front of a machine and comment on their hot pics. I do spend a significant amount of time on Uberhorny checking out all the girls in my local area, but I only do that in an attempt to find someone to actually have sex with me in the next few days. I personally think that virtual reality dates are not going to make it and I believe that it’s personally important to physically connect with others as a part of living a fulfilled life!

Would you prefer to have sex with a girl or jerk off during a virtual date?

If you answer yes to having sex with someone then you’re okay in my book and I promise you’re going to be banging more people than you can possibly imagine for years to come. Now, I’m only going to recommend that you try casual sex dating if you want to connect with others that are relaxed and fun. If you’re looking for a VR date, you’re in the wrong place! LOL

Casual Dating and Hooking up on the Rise


It’s no secret that people today are turning to casual dating websites in order to meet people. It’s pretty much the driving for of casual dating and hooking up with someone locally. The naysayer folk think that online dating users are a dying breed. While some think it’s the only way to find someone to be intimiate with. The truth is, casual dating is absolutely here to stay and it’s on the rise more than ever now!

casual dating on the rise

Why you ask? Well, there seem to be a few reasons why casual sex and more relaxed dating seem to be increasing popular today and it’s possible that it has something to do with living a non-monogamous lifestyle. According to an article published in, a Psychology Today story published something that stated, younger people were more likely to have casual sex and are less romantic.

My thoughts on the whole thing is that people simply want to be intimate with more people through out there lifetime and they want to get laid by more people. Simple as that really! No longer are the days of having sex with one girl in high school or college, then marrying her and having a miserable life dreaming that you hooked up with all those people when you had the chance and were free as a bird to do so! No more are parents getting involved and making decisions on who you should and shouldn’t be dating. That’s all in the past and we’re living in a great sexy, horny world that wants to have one giant orgasm!

Sex without commitment is not a trend. It’s here to stay and I’m here to make that happen as are all the other others using Uberhorny to get laid. Life is too short to not want to hook up on the first date. Just fucking do it!

Sexy Pro Tennis Caroline Wozniacki Dating Another Athelete?


Sometimes I turn the TV on and I see two guys playing tennis. I immediately shut that off. Then sometimes I see smoking hot Caroline Wozniacki playing tennis and I instantly want to bang her! I’m no athlete, so she likely doesn’t want to bang me. However, apparently there’s a new athlete that she’s got on her radar and she may even be hooking up with them already!

caroline wozniacki dating

This is Caroline Wozniacki and David Lee.
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Caroline Wozniacki Dating Ex-Knicks Player

According to my sources down in sunny Miami Beach, the blonde tennis babe was a guest of the Versace Mansion and she showed up with a former basketball player! Apparently she’s possibly having sex with former Knicks forward and current Boston Celtics player David Lee. This all comes after her fling with JJ Watt, which didn’t seem to work out in the long run but I was still extra happy that my man JJ tapped that ass! I don’t know how he did it, but he must have loved it because I know I love hooking up with in shape girls.

Now I know it’s not all that common for me to write about celebs here but I couldn’t resist this time and I’m going to tell you why. For starters, I’ve got a thing for Caroline Wozniacki and I think she’s incredible. Second, I’ve spent time in both New York City as well as Boston (even though I live in Miami) and I’ve hooked up with people in all three locations many times using so I was a bit curious of whether or not Caroline met David on the site. Chances are, she probably didn’t, but I know there are girls on the website that look similar to the tennis babe. I’m going to make it my mission to find them and have sex with at least one before the week is over! Would you, if given the opportunity, hook up with a girl that is as stunning as this hot professional tennis player? Of course you would! So would I and I’m going to do it without a doubt!

Does Your Casual Date Partner Want You?


Ever been on a casual date with someone local and you haven’t been able to determine if they want you or not? Some have had this issue. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with this ever, but I’ve helped friends make better decisions and what not so hopefully these pointers will help you cut down on wasting time and determine if your partner really wants to hook up or if they are just playing you.

casual date

5 Way To Tell If Your Casual Date Wants The D!

They Show Up

I know, I know. It sounds like rocket science and I probably sound like an asshole when I say this, but it’s true. Sometimes showing up is half the battle and so long as they do this then you’re in luck!

Do They Say It

If your date says they want to fuck. Well, then they want to probably do it! I’d say if someone expresses this to you then you’re likely going to get laid in the very near future.

They Go Solo

Some people show up to casual sex dates in a social gathering type of way with a group of people. If your date shows up solo, there’s a better chance for you of actually hooking up with them.

They Do Shots and Start Partying

If your casual date begins heading down the partying road, it’s a great sign for you and I’m happy to say that they probably want to get a buzz on to loosen up and have sex with you. It sounds stereotypical of me to say that but people that party like to bang. Simple as that.

They Meet Over The Weekend

Weekends are saved for those you care about or those you care to have sex with. If you’re in a position to go on a date with someone over the weekend and they’ve made time for you then you’re in luck because they might wanna f**k! LOL

Those are my simple signs to look out for in order to better determine if your casual date wants to sleep with you. Don’t be nervous, just get out there and find some uber horny women that “want some” and you’ll likely have your dick wet within 24 hours max!