Reasons To Be Done With Mainstream Matchmaking


I had someone tell me that they were absolutely done with modern matchmaking or mainstream dating this year. I can’t blame them to be honest. Having given up mainstream matchmaking dating sites like Match, Tinder, and, I’m a strong advocate for avoiding these mainstream dating sites at all costs. Instead, I’ve opted for using more casual dating sites like Uberhorny. Here are a few reasons why you need to ditch those mainstream matchmaking sites and start casually dating online instead.

done with mainstream dating

Reasons To Say Bye To Modern Mainstream Dating

Too Many Fragile People

I’m done dealing with too many fragile people today. There are way too many fragile folks on these modern mainstream dating sites. Most of the time, they’re no upside to dating these people online.

Too Much Marriage Talk

I can’t stand all the marriage talk on the mainstream dating sites. It’s like people automatically join, go on a date and think forward to being engaged 6 months later. I’m not trying to get married, especially to someone that forces it like that.

I’m Done Wasting Time

If I had a dollar for every minute I wasted in the past on mainstream dating apps, I’d be rich enough to buy a girl to bang, LOL. There such a time waster, it’s insane.

Too Much ‘Beating Around The Bush’

I can’t stand people that aren’t forthcoming. That means that those that beat around the bush! So many mainstream dating folks avoid questions and just fumble with too many things.

Too Many Games

She sent me a wink, three hearts and one super duper swipe. Fuck that. I’m done with the stupid boring mainstream games that come along with being a user.

I Was Done Not Getting Laid

Most importantly, the reason I called it quits with mainstream matchmaking sites, I was tired of not getting laid. I was done dealing with all the drama that comes with being a member of sites like Tinder and Match, but most importantly, I was done being okay with not getting laid.

My Life Today…

Well, I’ve since switched to more casual dating or hookup dating apps so to speak and it’s changed my life for the better. There’s no more dealing drama, I just get laid now.