Is Virtual Reality Dating The Next Hot Thing?


I’ve heard a heck of a lot of things lately when it comes to meeting someone online to hook up with. I mean, literally almost everything that I thought was possible. However, I’ve come to learn that this isn’t the case, there’s something that the world is trying to bring to head¬†and it’s virtual reality dating…but will it work and will it stick is the question!

virtual reality dating

Is Virtual Reality Dating The Next Trend?

I get that you’re busy. I know that you have a lot of things to work on day in and day out. It makes it difficult sometimes to meet up with someone. But is virtual dating the answer? According to an article published in Inverse, the founder of vTime stated that “A VR date would be cool because you wouldn’t have to go…” But wait a minute, it gets even crazier! According to eHarmony, VR (virtual reality) dating is going to become a normal thing by 2040.

I think that these people that think this are absolutely nuts! I don’t know about you, but I like to actually fuck girls, not just sit in front of a machine and comment on their hot pics. I do spend a significant amount of time on Uberhorny¬†checking out all the girls in my local area, but I only do that in an attempt to find someone to actually have sex with me in the next few days. I personally think that virtual reality dates are not going to make it and I believe that it’s personally important to physically connect with others as a part of living a fulfilled life!

Would you prefer to have sex with a girl or jerk off during a virtual date?

If you answer yes to having sex with someone then you’re okay in my book and I promise you’re going to be banging more people than you can possibly imagine for years to come. Now, I’m only going to recommend that you try casual sex dating if you want to connect with others that are relaxed and fun. If you’re looking for a VR date, you’re in the wrong place! LOL