Sexy Pro Tennis Caroline Wozniacki Dating Another Athelete?


Sometimes I turn the TV on and I see two guys playing tennis. I immediately shut that off. Then sometimes I see smoking hot Caroline Wozniacki playing tennis and I instantly want to bang her! I’m no athlete, so she likely doesn’t want to bang me. However, apparently there’s a new athlete that she’s got on her radar and she may even be hooking up with them already!

caroline wozniacki dating

This is Caroline Wozniacki and David Lee.
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Caroline Wozniacki Dating Ex-Knicks Player

According to my sources down in sunny Miami Beach, the blonde tennis babe was a guest of the Versace Mansion and she showed up with a former basketball player! Apparently she’s possibly having sex with former Knicks forward and current Boston Celtics player David Lee. This all comes after her fling with JJ Watt, which didn’t seem to work out in the long run but I was still extra happy that my man JJ tapped that ass! I don’t know how he did it, but he must have loved it because I know I love hooking up with in shape girls.

Now I know it’s not all that common for me to write about celebs here but I couldn’t resist this time and I’m going to tell you why. For starters, I’ve got a thing for Caroline Wozniacki and I think she’s incredible. Second, I’ve spent time in both New York City as well as Boston (even though I live in Miami) and I’ve hooked up with people in all three locations many times using so I was a bit curious of whether or not Caroline met David on the site. Chances are, she probably didn’t, but I know there are girls on the website that look similar to the tennis babe. I’m going to make it my mission to find them and have sex with at least one before the week is over! Would you, if given the opportunity, hook up with a girl that is as stunning as this hot professional tennis player? Of course you would! So would I and I’m going to do it without a doubt!