Here’s Why Today Is A Great Day To Start Dating!


Did you take a break during the holidays? I’m not talking about a break from work. I’m talking about a break from your online dating adventures. If you did, now is the perfect time to start dating again. Here are a few reasons why…

start dating

Start Dating Online Again ASAP, Here’s Why:

New Year’s Resolutions

Some people waste zero time in getting their new year’s resolutions in order. Getting a head start is the name of the game and some folks have vowed to make an effort to hook up with more people today. That means they’re looking for someone.

Heck, maybe even you! The time of the year is perfect for starting from scratch and/or picking up where you left off! People are hungry for hooking up and the new year only exponentially increases things.

People Are Tired of Hearing It

Some people went home for Christmas and for another year they heard family members say, “Why are you still single?” along with other questions they’re sick and tired of answering.

Well, those people are now on a mission to find someone to start a relationship with or maybe just bang on the regular. Why don’t you get some of that?

Valentine’s Day Is Coming

February is right around the corner and you’re more than likely going to want to connect with someone to hook up with before then. Spending another Valentine’s Day without getting laid is not in the cards for you in 2016. Nor is it in the cards for others. So you’ll want to put that extra energy to good use and find someone sooner rather than later.

People Take Breaks Over Holidays

People tend to take breaks during the holidays and that means stepping away from the online dating apps. What usually happens when someone does this is that they’ve found more pep in their step and they’re soon ready to jump back in with insane energy and a positive attitude.

The same that applies for working out also applies to dating. Forget the gym, go exercise your love muscles! Side note, I do love dating girls in shape, so ladies, keep working out!

I’m personally not one to take a break from dating during the holidays, but if you are, then you should take my advice step your game up once again. Just because you struck out a few times in the past doesn’t mean you can’t hit a home run at your next at bat. You’re on deck and it’s time for you to shine!

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