Gym People You Can Expect To Run Into


A while back I had mentioned that I really enjoy having sex with girls that are in great shape. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article I suggest you check it out here. Anyway, if you want to meet fit girls then you need to go to the gym. If you are in need of a workout and you’re thinking about getting a gym membership, here are 10 kinds of people that you can expect to see at the local gym. Yes, some are smoking hot girls that have insane bodies. Just keep reading to understand every type.

types of people at gym

Ten Types Of Gym People You’ll Meet

Here’s a short list of the types of people you may or may not run into at the gym…
1. Gym Attention Seekers (People Who Come For Attention) – These people clearly come to be seen. They grunt too loud and they strut around a little too much.
2. Overachievers – These gym goers always make you feel like you are not doing enough. Their bodies are ripped and they know just the right machines to get ripped. You’ll always feel inferior next to them.
3. Underachievers – These types of people mull around and never seem sure what machine they are getting on next. They usually just end up in the pool or the Jacuzzi or they hang out on the machines and play with their phones.
4. Time Wasters (People taking too much time on the machines) – Machine hogs are among the most annoying. They see you standing there waiting for them, but they still take way too much time between reps and look around until you finally move to another machine.
5. Oversized Casual Gym Enthusiasts – I hate to pick on overweight individuals but there are always those casual gym goers who clearly don’t frequent the gym. They approach their workout with fierceness, only to lose interest and show up again months later and 20 pounds heavier.
6. Peak Time Only Visitors – I know many people can only go after work or on the weekend, but some clearly just come during peak times to be seen and they seem annoyed when all the machines are taken.
7. Unfocused Awkward Bodies – You have likely seen these people if you frequent the gym. They work too hard on one part of their body and neglect others causing them to look awkward and misshapen.
8. Old Folks – I’m not going to pick on the elderly here, but there are always a group of senior citizens in the pool, jacuzzi and many of the lighter machines. Bless their hearts. At least they are making an effort.
9. Super Buff Ladies – These ladies are a sight to behold with all their bulging muscles that make it hard not to stare.
10. Smoking Hot Girls – Speaking of a sight to behold. Last but not least, these ladies are, by far, the biggest distraction. If you get a tight bodied girl with yoga pants and revealing gym clothes stretching next to you, good luck with finishing a focused workout.

Well, for the most part, that’s a quick rundown of the types of people you are likely to run into at the gym. What you need to know is that many of these people like to fuck. Since working out makes most people’s hormone levels spike, they become really horny. As a result, they like to fuck people they meet at the gym. Be sure to bring your trusty smartphone and stay logged into the dating site you use to meet people for sex. If you haven’t joined one, quit fucking around and join Uberhorny today.