Gym Openers To Help You Connect With Women


Working out at the gym is one of my best-kept secrets. In fact, there’s so much that this does for me and my love life. While I typically don’t meet someone that wants a long term relationship, I do meet people that simply like to chat. Yes, the chatting often leads to a date and even further, sometimes sex. If you’re not going to the gym then you are doing your body and mind an injustice. Anyway, here are some of what I refer to as “gym openers” that I use to break the ice with girls I meet at the gym.

gym openers and ice breakers

Gym Openers And Ice Breakers That Work

Here are some of the most basic gym openers that you can give a shot if you’re at the gym and spot a hottie. I’m not saying they all work great, but they do typically work quite well. Try each of these out with different girls that you encounter during your workouts. Don’t use them all in one day either.

“Do you take any pre workouts?” Ask them something about a pre-workout drink. Some girls use them and others don’t. The ones that do use them love talking about them.

“What’s the best exercise for toning [insert body part]?” Ask the girls what they think is the best body part and I think they will love hearing that question from you. Reason being, it’s almost as if you’re putting them at a higher status and they love feeling “more adequate” than the typical man.

“Can you show me how this works?” Do not be afraid to ask one of the girls if they can show you how a machine works. If you’ve seen them on it just ask them for help. That’s a great way to connect with some girl and she her sweat it out too.

All in all, I’ve had a ton of success meeting girls at the gym that like to have sex randomly with men. I connect with them online once I’m at the gym and things just work out from there on out! Don’t be afraid to talk to girls at the gym, just don’t tell them they are super hot or anything of that nature. Taking that approach isn’t going to get you anywhere at all!

Why Workouts Are Great For Your Sex Life


Hey guys, Mike Long here again for another juicy update for you all. Today I’m here to talk to you about workouts and everything that they can do for your sex life. Some people are lazy as fuck. They put zero effort into working out. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re afraid of being labeled the fat slob at the gym, or they are just plain lazy.

Whatever the reason, I’m here to say that working out can literally do incredible things for your sex life. How do I know? Well, because I’ve been in bad shape before and I was miserable during that period of time. I ended up making a decision to change my lifestyle and it literally changed my life. I know, my blog is about hooking up with horny girls for free, not workouts. I get that, but just hear me out for the next few minutes. This might change your life completely.

workouts improve sex life

Five Reasons Why Workouts Improve Your Sex Life

I’ll do my best to keep this intimate relevant and not get into my whole organic douchebag rants (which I occasionally do). For now, here’s what you need to understand about hitting the gym in order to boost up your banging.

Look Better

People that workout and eat healthy actually look better than most of the non-active people in this world. Unless you’re some sort of genetic freak that is. Looking better makes you more attractive and being more attractive gets you laid more. Simple as that.

More Stamina

If you’re hitting those new age treadmills without the automatic belts, then you can really kick ass with some sprints and HIITs (high-intensity interval training). Doing these types of workouts can really help build your stamina. Being able to hold your own for hours in the bedroom is always a good thing.

Meet More Women

Sometimes I like to go to the gym and hit those group fitness classes or even Orange Theory. That’s one of the many perks of working out at a gym. You get to go to classes and mingle with people. Guess what, many of the individuals taking the classes are college girls. Some hot milfs take them as well. I alway hang in the back during the class just in case I bust ass, LOL just kidding. But seriously, I stay in the back so I can watch the girls shake their booty.

Improved Circulation

Erections are all about blood flow and poor blood flow can literally kill an intimate moment. If you have erection problems then you’ll want to workout to help improve your circulation somewhat. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to take some vitamins and fish oils to assist with this as well.

Dick Looks Bigger

Getting a skinny waist and flat stomach can make your dick look much bigger. Shave down that 1980s bush and you’ll look like you have a huge piece in your pants. No, I don’t want to see your dick. Do not send me any dick pics! The girls you’re flirting with online might want some, though. Just ask before sending anything of that nature.

Well, those are a few of the many ways that workouts can help improve your sex life. Do what you can to get your ass in the gym as much as possible. There’s nothing more important than your health.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t leave you with this amazing video by Don. Watch it!

Gym People You Can Expect To Run Into


A while back I had mentioned that I really enjoy having sex with girls that are in great shape. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article I suggest you check it out here. Anyway, if you want to meet fit girls then you need to go to the gym. If you are in need of a workout and you’re thinking about getting a gym membership, here are 10 kinds of people that you can expect to see at the local gym. Yes, some are smoking hot girls that have insane bodies. Just keep reading to understand every type.

types of people at gym

Ten Types Of Gym People You’ll Meet

Here’s a short list of the types of people you may or may not run into at the gym…
1. Gym Attention Seekers (People Who Come For Attention) – These people clearly come to be seen. They grunt too loud and they strut around a little too much.
2. Overachievers – These gym goers always make you feel like you are not doing enough. Their bodies are ripped and they know just the right machines to get ripped. You’ll always feel inferior next to them.
3. Underachievers – These types of people mull around and never seem sure what machine they are getting on next. They usually just end up in the pool or the Jacuzzi or they hang out on the machines and play with their phones.
4. Time Wasters (People taking too much time on the machines) – Machine hogs are among the most annoying. They see you standing there waiting for them, but they still take way too much time between reps and look around until you finally move to another machine.
5. Oversized Casual Gym Enthusiasts – I hate to pick on overweight individuals but there are always those casual gym goers who clearly don’t frequent the gym. They approach their workout with fierceness, only to lose interest and show up again months later and 20 pounds heavier.
6. Peak Time Only Visitors – I know many people can only go after work or on the weekend, but some clearly just come during peak times to be seen and they seem annoyed when all the machines are taken.
7. Unfocused Awkward Bodies – You have likely seen these people if you frequent the gym. They work too hard on one part of their body and neglect others causing them to look awkward and misshapen.
8. Old Folks – I’m not going to pick on the elderly here, but there are always a group of senior citizens in the pool, jacuzzi and many of the lighter machines. Bless their hearts. At least they are making an effort.
9. Super Buff Ladies – These ladies are a sight to behold with all their bulging muscles that make it hard not to stare.
10. Smoking Hot Girls – Speaking of a sight to behold. Last but not least, these ladies are, by far, the biggest distraction. If you get a tight bodied girl with yoga pants and revealing gym clothes stretching next to you, good luck with finishing a focused workout.

Well, for the most part, that’s a quick rundown of the types of people you are likely to run into at the gym. What you need to know is that many of these people like to fuck. Since working out makes most people’s hormone levels spike, they become really horny. As a result, they like to fuck people they meet at the gym. Be sure to bring your trusty smartphone and stay logged into the dating site you use to meet people for sex. If you haven’t joined one, quit fucking around and join Uberhorny today.